“Beware Dog Behind Letter Box” Warning Cards

“Beware Dog Behind Letter Box” Warning Cards:

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Following an increasing number of dog bites and finger amputations through letterboxes, Royal Mail has agreed to make the attached “Beware Dog Behind Letter Box” Warning/Hazard Cards available nationally, for ordering by Delivery Offices Via Royal Mail Assets.

The Warning (Red) Card, with a Dog peering menacingly through the letterbox and an address box on its front, was designed locally in the South West with the involvement of Steve Beale ASR(TA) and until now used locally in only a small number of Delivery Offices. The Preparation Sorting Frame (RM 2000) hazard cards are put into the vertical prep frame slots where dog hazards are logged to ensure the mail for that address is either marked or the card is bundled with the mail for the address to warn the duty holder as he/she arrives at the said address, and then the card is returned for re-use at the end of the round.

The reverse side of the “Beware Dog Behind Letterbox” card, reminds Postmen and Women, with pictures – ‘Don’t put fingers through the letterbox’, ‘Use a Posting Peg to post mail through the letterbox’.

These cards are being added as a new product to the ‘Ariba catalogue’ with the product info as follows:-

  • Code: DBLBOX-10k English
  • Minimum Order Qty 10k
  • Price £703.26

The cards are to a standard catalogue item on ‘Ariba’ and the process to order will be the same as it is for posting pegs (as below):

  • Delivery Office submits request for dog behind letterbox warning cards via the Ops Support,
  • Ops Support raises request for minimum order quantity using the Ops Manager’s high level Cost Centre (as they do currently for the posting pegs),
  • Ops Support forwards request to the Demand Challenge Team,
  • DCT review / challenge / place order,
  • Order is dispatched to the Ops Support,
  • Ops Support distributes as and when required,
  • Ops Support places new order once stock becomes depleted.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB233 Beware Dog Behind Letter Box Warning Cards

SP11554_Dog Behind Letterbox

View Online

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