Royal Mail Group Property & Facilities Week – W/C 16th April 2018: (Awareness Raising of PiC Roles and Responsibilities)

Royal Mail Group Property & Facilities Week – W/C 16th April 2018:
(Awareness Raising of PiC Roles and Responsibilities)

Dear Colleagues,

Objectives, Background & Introduction:-

The CWU/HQ Health, Safety & Environment Department has received details of the RMG “Property & Facilities Week” from RMG Property & Facilities Solutions Division, Safety, Risk and Compliance Team, which will take place during next week, w/c Monday 16th April and with it there will be a series of tasks that the Unit ‘Person in Control’ (PiC) will need to complete as part of the RM Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Task Calendar and associated PiC Task List.

The purpose of the Property & Facilities Week Campaign is to communicate and raise awareness amongst all Royal Mail Group employees of the Person in Control’s (PiC’s) roles and responsibilities and the important part they play in the management of Property Health and Safety, risk, compliance and dealing with property related faults, incidents or emergencies. This is to ensure Royal Mail’s legal requirements are met and to ensure the workforce and visitors to RMG property are kept safe at all times.

The campaign is aimed at providing RMG managers and employees generally with a better understanding and overview of what Property & Facilities Solutions do (Inc. PFS Ltd) with managing RMG buildings, dealing with faults and incidents. There will be a launch of new PFS Initiatives during 2018/19 e.g., PiC online Handbook and the Property Intranet in the summer, which will help define the PiC Roles and Responsibilities further.

The Campaign will aim to assist with achieving benefits in a reduction in non-compliance issues, fewer incidents, accidents and day’s lost with deployment of the New PiC E-Learning Module. Another aim is to help improve relationships within RMG (Inc. PFS Ltd) and with Unions and their Area Health and Safety Reps.

A better understanding of how to report and chase up faults improves safety compliance and raising employee awareness around incident management and what to do in a property incident event are of vital importance.

Where Unit Managers are not the nominated Person in Control (PiC), then it is the responsibility of the Unit Manager to ensure the PiC is aware of Property & Facilities Week and support them with completion of the tasks required of them. This is also an opportunity for RMG Property & Facilities Solutions (P&FS) to communicate with RMG Operations latest initiatives and changes which may affect them.

The Property & Facilities Pack:-

In advance of Property & Facilities Week, see attached Managers’ and PiC’s “Information Pack” which includes:-

  • Property & Facilities Week Summary,
  • PiC Task List,
  • PiC Guidance,
  • PiC Roles & Responsibilities,
  • Ops Briefing on Property & Facilities Week For Cascading (Audience:- All RMG Employees (Inc. PFS Ltd), Parcelforce, CWU, CMA & Quadrant),
  • Information on P&FS changes and initiatives e.g. SLB/PiC Handbook/Property Intranet & Key Changes to SLA’s for P&FS Engineer’s & Cleaner’s Standards.


Information will be communicated to SHE Advisors, P&FS/PFSL, Unions and cascaded to Ops Managers via the SHE Calendar and the following communications will be produced and cascaded nationally next week:

  • Ops Bulletin,
  • Unit Manager / PiC Task List & Guidance,
  • SHE Bi-Weekly Update,
  • Courier Article,
  • RMTV slot.

During RM Property & Facilities Week, PiCs will be required to complete three key tasks:-

  • Task (1) PiC Role & Responsibilities – PiCs need to be fully aware of and understand their Person in Control role and responsibilities and how to report property related faults or incidents to the Property & Facilities Helpdesk.
  • Task (2) Compliance Records Database (CRD) & Site Log Book (SLB) – All PiCs must ensure that they have access to the Compliance Records Database, know where to find information on their site and are up to date with their Annual Property Inspection, closing down any actions. They should also be aware of what is required of them with regard to the upkeep of the Site Log Book (SLB), and they should be aware that a new version of the Site Log Book has been rolled out.
  • Task (3) PiC Training – PiCs will be asked to complete the Persons in Control of Premises (PiC) e‑learning module on the Royal Mail Intranet, Success Factors Website and also watch the Asbestos Awareness Film produced jointly by Royal Mail and the CWU, introduced last year, which is available via the ‘on demand screens’. PiCs are required to do a refresh on PiC training every three years. They must also read the Asbestos Refresh briefing.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE 1: PiCs MUST complete Task 3 PiC Training. CWU ASRs are requested to check that the PiC tasks have been completed as part of their Health and Safety Inspections. It has been agreed with RM Property that ASRs can also complete the PiC Training and Compliance Data Base Training e-learning Modules.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE 2: All Unit Managers and PiCs should be fully aware of and understand the role and responsibilities of the Person in Control on their site and how to report property related faults or incidents to the Property & Facilities Helpdesk.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE 3: The RMG SHE Team will provide advice, guidance , support and encouragement to PiCs/Unit Managers to complete the tasks set out above and will liaise with CWU ASRs as required.

Person in Control of Premises (PiC) Role & Responsibilities, including summary:-

Persons in Control (PiC) of the premises on their site, need to realise how much people (staff and visitors) depend on them to help ensure that the property in which they work or visit is kept safe and that emergencies are managed calmly. PiCs have a huge responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the workforce, colleagues, contractors and visitors/customers that use the site, including the general public. Ensuring that the building and its external areas are safe is an essential part of this. New PiCs will need to quickly build a routine that focuses on daily, weekly and monthly tasks and learn to deal with emergencies calmly and efficiently. There are resources to help PiCs including the PiC Handbook, PiC e-learning modules and the SHE Task Calendar, as well as the Stay Calm process for dealing with emergencies. If PiCs need to speak to someone about a property related issue or property safety concern (including environmental issues such as fuel spills), then call the Property & Facilities Helpdesk on 0844 800 9191 and they will be happy to help. Responsibilities in summary are:-

  • Stay Calm – managing and reporting emergency situations.
  • Reporting Property Faults – via the Property & Facilities Helpdesk on 0844 800 9191.
  • Site Log Book – ensuring it is maintained, kept together, up to date and readily available. That all 6 Volumes sit together, it’s readily available for Contractors to review and sign-in when coming onto site. The PiC should ensure that the Hazard Register in Volume 1 is available, in the correct place and up to date. It can be hand annotated if necessary. All PiCs should ensure that they have a copy of the latest Legionella Risk Assessment available and held in Volume 2 of the Site Log Book. This is available on the CRD, can be printed off and inserted into the Site Log Book (Volume 2). The PiC should be made aware that a new version of the SLB will be introduced in the next 12-18 months 2017/18 with much of the information sitting on the Compliance Records Database. Further information will be issued in due course.
  • Fire Safety Management (daily housekeeping, appointing fire precaution officers (Marshalls), annual fire risk reviews, weekly fire alarm tests, 4-weekly emergency lighting tests, fire evacuation drills (minimum of 2 per year), personal emergency evacuation plans, premises fire evacuation plans) (all to be recorded in the Site Log Book).
  • Asbestos Management – knowing where asbestos is suspected (see the asbestos management plan in the Site Log Book or via the Compliance Records Database (CRD)), reporting any suspected damage, ensuring Red Flag notices are adhered to.
  • Contractor Management – ensuring contractors sign in, read the health and safety information in the Site Log Book, have with them a job specific safe system of work (risk assessment and method statement) and Royal Mail’s Contractor Safety Guide, Challenge unsafe behaviours or conditions where necessary and report to the Property & Facilities Helpdesk.
  • Compliance Records Awareness – knowing where to find test certificates and maintenance records via theCompliance Records Database (CRD) – new user access can be obtained through The PiC will need to make sure that they are familiar with the CRD and where to find information. Once logged-in, user guides can be found under the Help section. The PiC’s local SHE advisor or Property & Facilities contact can also advise. The PiC should check the Compliance Records Database (CRD) for the status of their property and facilities compliance records to ensure that they have not expired e.g. Fire Risk Assessment (FRA), Fire Evacuation Plan (FEP), Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA). Any concerns over expiry should be raised with the Property & Facilities Helpdesk.
  • Legionella Control – regular flushing of little used outlets (to be recorded in the Site Log Book).
  • Annual Property Inspection – supporting the assessors and closing out your actions via theCompliance Records Database (CRD).
  • Handover – ensuring adequate handover when you leave or change roles.

PiC Training Modules (via the RMG Success Factors Intranet Site) comprise:

  • Person in Control of Premises (NEW e-learning module)
  • Asbestos Awareness (e-learning module and NEW video)
  • Asbestos Duty to Manage (e-learning module)
  • Asbestos Projects (NEW video)
  • Fire Risk Assessment Review (e-learning module)
  • Managing Fire Safety (e-learning module)

Note: ASRs can also complete the PiC Training and Compliance Data Base Training e-learning Modules.

Note: Additionally a Property Section has been set up on the RMG SHEM’s Intranet system to allow SHE Team, Unit Managers / PiC’s / Ops & Mod / Union ASRs to all be able to access information on Property & Facilities Week. This information will be of use to Managers and Union ASRs and WSRs ongoing and not just for the week (See links below).

Consultation and Involvement – ASR Actions:-

The CWU National Health, Safety & Environment Department and Unite/CMA HQ are fully supporting the initiative and ASRs are invited to get fully involved and support the Property Safety Week and Property initiatives ongoing throughout the year. It needs to be stressed that the Property and Facilities Week is a focal point to launch key tasks that need to be maintained going forward throughout the year e.g.,

The PiC’s need to:-

  • Be fully aware of and understand their health, safety and welfare role and responsibilities,
  • Know how to report property related faults or incidents to the Property & Facilities Helpdesk,
  • Know how to access the Compliance Records Database and ensure the Unit is up to date with the Annual Property Inspection actions,
  • Be aware of the Site Log Book (SLB), and the new version,
  • Complete the new Persons in Control of Premises e‑learning module,
  • Watch the Asbestos Awareness Film produced jointly by Royal Mail and the CWU.

RMG Property & Facilities Solutions Division (RMG P&FS) – Information Share on latest changes and initiatives2018/19

  1. RMG P&FS will be refreshing the current Site Log Book (SLB) and introducing a new version across all of our RMG sites during 2018/19 as part of the Annual Property Inspection (API), which will be done at all site/offices. This will replace the current SLB six volumes into one new SLB.
  2. RMG P&FS will be introducing a New PiC Handbook Online portal which will be similar to the StayCalm.Online and replacing the old PiC Handbook manual version.
  3. RMG P&FS are in the process of redeveloping/refreshing the Property Intranet to make this easier to access and simple tiles, easier to navigate around.
  4. There are also some Key Changes being made to theProperty & Facilities Solutions SLAs for Engineering Services and to Cleaning Standards Measures. PiCs should read and understand the changes.

Further communications will follow on the above changes & new initiatives

SHE Standard 13.11 Site Log Book (SLB) Review – What is changing?

The new Site Log Book will be rolled out in the next 12-18months and the SHE Standard for Site Log Books is currently being reviewed to take into account the changes.

Purpose and Benefits of RMG Property changing the Site Log Book (SLB)

  1. The current format of the SLB is being reviewed there’s a need to improve it and make it more user friendly, less onerous to manage and in line with industry best practice.
  2. The current SLB’s take up a lot of space, are difficult to manage and contain a lot of out of date information.
  3. Improve the SLB by looking at other ways of making them more modern and easier to manage any changes.
  4. An improvement in the way the Site Log Book is used and managed due to its physical size.
  5. A reduction in the number of volumes held on site.
  6. The new version will allow for greater control over legislation updates as generic material will be online, i.e. in one place and one version only.
  7. An electronic copy of the Site Log Book will be held on the Compliance Records Database.
  8. Long term impact on environment with a long term aim to have a paperless version held on the CRD.
  9. Reduces the need to store Site Log Books on site, takes up a vast amount of space and also paper based records, which can be put on CRD.
  10. Reduces the need to print, republish and circulate Site Log Book via RM Swindon Stores.

Conclusion: Over the next 12-18 months all old versions of the Site Log Book will be withdrawn and removed from circa 1757 RMG sites and replaced with the new updated ‘light’ version. This will ensure that the new SLB’s are in place and the old removed from all sites.

Important Links:

All Persons in Control PiCs should fully understand their role and responsibilities and should:-

  • Read and understand the roles and responsibilities of PiCs.
  • Know how to report property faults and incidents via the Property & Facilities Helpdesk (0844 800 9191).
  • Have a clear understanding of the property related weekly, monthly and annual tasks (e.g. weekly fire alarm tests; daily/weekly visual inspections to make sure all fire exits are clear; annual fire risk assessment reviews).
  • All PiCs must ensure that they have completed the PiC e-Learning module on Success Factors within the last 3 years! PiCs can check their learning history on Success Factors.
  • Check if their PiC training is out of date – if so, complete this training before the end of April. Course code 5361.
  • Read the Asbestos Management Refresher Briefing.

If you (ASR) or any of your Branch Area Unit Managers/PiCs have any questions or enquiries you/they can:-

  • Contact the local SHE Advisor who can advise and guide.
  • Contact, if you have not got access to the Compliance Records Database (CRD).
  • Raise a fault or query by contacting the Property & Facilities Helpdesk on 0844 800 9191.
  • Contact the Property & Facilities Safety, Compliance & Sustainability team via Gurkan Hasan as follows:-

Gurkan Hasan
Property, Risk & Compliance – Implementation Manager (Safety, Compliance & Sustainability)
Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions
1 Broadgate, London, EC2M 2QS
Mobile: 07736786704

IMPORTANT NOTE 4: Please support the week, liase with Ops Managers and SHE Advisors. Please encourage all PiCs to complete the online PiC Training and also complete/close out actions on the annual property inspection. As ASR, complete the PiC Training and Compliance Data Base Training e-learning Modules.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

16LTB206 Royal Mail Group Property & Facilities Week – WC 16th April 2018 (Awareness Raising of PiC Roles and Responsibilities)

Key Changes to SLAs for PFSL Engineers_Cleaners _Important Site Communication March 18

One Page Programme Summary Property and Facilties Week_April 18_ (FINAL)

Ops Briefing_Property and Facilities Week_ April 18 (FINAL)

Royal Mail Group Property and Facilities Week_PiC_Roles Responsibilities_2018 (FINAL)

Royal Mail Group Property and Facilities Week_PiC_Task List and Guidance_2018 (FINAL v3)

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