Royal Mail Group April 2018, Bi-Monthly Road Safety Campaign, Launch W/C 9 April 2018 – Managers Responsibilities: 

Royal Mail Group April 2018, Bi-Monthly Road Safety Campaign, Launch W/C 9 April 2018 – Managers Responsibilities:

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

This campaign is a continuation and update on the January campaign covered in LTB 011/2018 on Road Safety and Managers’ Responsibilities.

As explained in LTB 011/2018, following consideration by RMG of arrangements last year, there is now one National Road Safety Week in November which is the UK National ‘BRAKE’ and ‘THINK, and ‘RoSPA’ supported Road Safety Week. RMG, in consultation with the CWU, supplement this with Bi-Monthly Road Safety Campaigns and the first two Campaigns in January and April 2018 will concentrate on ‘Managers’ Responsibilities’ for Road Safety, whereas previous campaigns were aimed more specifically at drivers.

RMG have only late last week confirmed the final campaign details and updated us regarding the planned communication channels this week which are as follows:-

  • RM TV – Will communicate the campaign subject to no overriding special communications on the recently announced Royal Mail organisational restructuring.
  • What’s App – A message will be sent to managers featuring an animation film.
  • Managers’ Update E-mail – To be sent this week to all managers with a link to the animation film and road safety documents.
  • Intranet Article – To be sent out during the week with a link to the animation film and documents.

The new road safety film which highlights managers’ road safety responsibilities has been developed along with a checklist and guidance.

The strong message to managers is that the consequences of Road Traffic Collisions can be serious, including life changing injuries, multiple injured victims, even death or deaths. It’s easy to think of driving and the road risks as just the driver’s responsibility, but managers play an important role.

The key management responsibilities are listed below:

  1. Make sure that drivers are fit and competent to drive.
  2. Make sure that vehicles are safe to drive.
  3. Create a safe environment for driving (Safe Yards, Organise Workplace Transport, Enforce Safety Standards).
  4. Supervise your drivers to ensure that they understand and apply their training.
  5. Learn from collisions.

The new animation film which highlights managers’ road safety responsibilities has been developed along with a checklist and guidance.

To watch the road safety animation film click on this link: Watch Animation (accessible via Royal Mail Intranet only).

Managers’ Guidance and a Managers’ Checklist have been produced to assist in carrying out their responsibilities (see attached).

The Campaign:

  • Managers will be carrying out Driver and Vehicle Safety SMATs, Yard Safety SMATs and Yard Risk Assessments.
  • Area Safety Reps are asked to carry out Safety Inspections concentrating on Slow Manoeuvring, driver and vehicle safety and yard safety.
  • The special checklist and Managers’ Guidance is being circulated to all Units (Copies are attached).
  • Managers, SHE Advisors and Area and Workplace Safety Reps are encouraged to work together on the campaign.
  • ASRs and WSRs will be fully involved and consulted and will input into the campaign locally. This is referred to in the ‘Consultation’ Section of the Checklist and is referred to in detail in Section 6 headed ‘Consult and involve Area and Workplace Safety Representatives’ of the Managers’ Guidance.
  • The previous LTB (011/2018) referred to two new training courses available to Drivers, who are encouraged to attend these courses. They are the ‘slow manoeuvring course’ and ‘one hour driver safety short course’. (Note: It has been agreed that ASRs can attend these courses to familiarise themselves with the content and promote the courses amongst driver members).
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The Campaign is not tied to just one week and we want the focus on the campaign to be sustainable so ASRs, SHE team and OperationalManagers can focus on the issues and programme the WTLLs, Poster distribution, Checklist Use, Yard Assessments, SMATs and safety Inspections with best effect to most suitable local timetables and arrangements.
  • Royal Mail and the CWU agree that the safety of the workforce is paramount. Vehicle and driver safety, road risk, slow manoeuvring and reversing safely are top priorities for us all.
  • Please support this Road Safety Campaign – Would ASRs and WSRs pro-actively engage the SHE Team and Operational managers to get involved and lift the profile of the Campaign in line with the RMG/CWU Joint Statement. Thanks for your support.

Any Management enquiries should be directed to Sandra Baxx RM Group Driver Capability and Behaviour Manager Mobile: 07703314463 Email:

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB204 Royal Mail Group April 2018, Bi-Monthly Road Safety Campaign, Launch WC 9 April 2018 – Managers Responsibilities

Managers Guidance – Managers Responsibilities for Road Safety – Apr 2018 .._

Managers Responsibilities for Road Safety Campaign Checklist Draft Final…_

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