Message from Eastern No5 Branch Chair: To all of the members throughout the Eastern No5 Branch

To all of the members throughout the Eastern no5 Branch.

I’ll start with offering my thanks for allowing me to be YOUR Area Safety Rep for the last ten years, we may not have seen eye to eye all the times, but ultimately, YOU have been at the centre of my thoughts in all that I have had to deal with, when changes have occurred and managers have tried to alter your work/floor/duties and locations.

When I started out we had 22 DO’s & 50+ SPDO’s… and a Mail Centre (with room to swing ‘more than one’ cat)… the business has been brutal in its attitude towards these locations.

We now have 17 DO’s & 11 SPDO’s… and a Mail Centre that are all bursting at the seams (no room for the ‘cat’ anymore!).

You will all be aware in your own locations of the impact this has had, and of the changes to your working practices.

Moving forward…

The Branch has been very active in visiting you all, at the outset for the ‘National Four Pillars’ campaign, where YOU, the members helped get a massive 89.1% vote, and to get the business back around the table, and subsequently to tell you of the outcome of the negotiations.

We are asking once again for your support in the current ballot, to get another massive positive response.

I will at this point say I was disappointed in the turnout for the Branch elections, these are the people who will be representing YOU going forward…

Remember, YOUR vote is YOUR voice, please use it!


Branch Chair


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