Suspect Packages Delivered To Four Labour MP’s At Their Westminster Offices

Suspect Packages Delivered To Four Labour MP’s At Their Westminster Offices

Dear Colleagues,

CWU Branches and Reps will have seen reports in the News and Media regarding a series of four suspicious, malicious packages delivered to four Labour MPs soon after 9am yesterday at their Westminster Offices in the Norman Shaw Building where some MPs are based.

Some of the MPs’ staff members were taken to hospital; as a precaution after opening one of the packages but were unharmed and required no treatment. They were released shortly thereafter. The offices were initially cordoned off as a precaution but following a risk assessment and Police involvement, the offices were given the all clear and resumed business as usual.

The background is that the suspicious packages which originated from Sheffield contained a ‘sticky gel liquid’ substance which caused some minor eye irritation to those closest to the contents on opening the packages. The contents came with Islamophobia hate mail letters. The packages and letters are now Police evidence, subject to forensic examination as part of the criminal investigation.

A Specialist Met Police team of Officers were brought in to assess the contents and a Police and Security Services investigation is underway to track down the source and those behind it.

Immediately the news broke about the incidents, the Health, Safety & Environment Department engaged in discussions with Royal Mail Group Security to address any internal risks to RMG staff. Senior Police Officers briefed the RMG Manager at the Palace of Westminster, Royal Mail was briefed and his team was put on high alert to intercept any further incoming items of similar description.

RM Operations in consultation with Group Security have taken the decision at this point not to issue a National Alert due to the low risk to staff but wish to remind all Royal Mail offices and staff to be vigilant and to follow the “Be Aware”/”Stay Calm” Guidance and Risk Assessment process for any suspect items of mail that may be found in the postal system. The Stay Calm guide for suspect items can be found at

Any significant developments will be reported in due course.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB152 Suspect Packages Delivered To Four Labour MP’s At Their Westminster Offices

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