Branch Political Officers Report for Branch Meeting 27th February 2018.

Branch Political Officers Report for Branch Meeting 27th February 2018.

Local Elections May 2018

Both Peterborough and North West Cambridgeshire CLP’s have now selected their candidates for the May elections campaigning and fund raising has started the list of candidates are as follows


TULO continues to go from strength to strength both regionally and locally, locally I have written to all trade union branches in the Peterborough CLP asking them to affiliate to the CLP and the response has been good. North West Cambs now have a TULO Officer and I am in contact with him about a joint meeting.

Regionally an invite has been received from TULO in the North West, for the East to meet and look at how they run training schools for TULO Officers, so that training in the role can be given. At the time of writing no date has been set.

The next meeting of Peterborough TULO with Fiona Onasayna will be Friday 16th March.

Peterborough CLP  

The last meeting of the Executive of the CLP was on Friday 26th January unfortunately due to CWU business I could not attend the meeting, please find attached a copy of my report submitted to the meeting. The next meeting will take place on Friday 23rd February.

North West Norfolk CLP

Several well attended all members meetings have been held across the CLP, these meetings have seen an increase of new and young members attending.

Huntingdon CLP

Members meetings have been held and Darrel Herd is the TULO Officer for the CLP.

CWU Eastern Region Political Committee

I attended the regional meeting on Friday 9th February on behalf of the branch, we had a presentation from Andrew Towers, CWU Head of Political Strategy, Andrew explained what his role entailed and what the CWU has been doing politically and what we as a union will be doing moving forward.

In the last year and a half, we have secured 3 debates in parliament on The Post Office with 40 MP’s / Peers speaking in debate 37 of whom spoke on behalf of the CWU.

In March this year we have secured a debate on Agency workers in BT.

We have also influenced policy of the Labour Party with Renationalisation of Royal Mail, Broadband and Agency workers Bill.

Moving Forward

The next step for the union will be to

• Educate the membership in politics

• Provide more political information on the website

• More articles in the Voice and Frontline

• Regional Political Events will be held

• A Political Officers guide is to be published

• Political Education and Candidate Training will be given

Ongoing work

The Agency workers campaign in BT, EDM 833 is asking to close the gap between agency workers and full time in BT, and agency worker doing the same job as a full-time member is on £500 per month less.

TUC Demonstration

The CWU nationally has been pushing the TUC for a national demonstration for some time on New Deal for Workers, this will now take place on Saturday 12th May in London. At the time of writing no information on the route etc has been released, once I have the information I will circulate it.

Andy Beeby

Branch Political Officer


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