Processing Report February 2018

Processing Report February 2018

National Issues

You will be aware the National CWU and Royal Mail have reached an agreement to present to the membership after our Four Pillars Campaign. The 39-page Agreement is on display on the union board. A National Briefing was held in London on the 7th February. Where the National Officers who negotiated the agreement presented it to CWU Area Representatives and Branch Officials. A full Branch report of this meeting is on the union board. There is also a report of the meeting on the delivery union board. A CWU Divisional Briefing was held in Royston on 21st February. where the National Officers who negotiated the agreement presented it to all CWU shift and unit reps in the division.

The Branch will be addressing staff at the Work Time Listening and Learning (WTLL) sessions in processing during the week commencing 26th February and the WTLL sessions in the delivery offices during the week commencing 5th March about the agreement and a recommendation on how to vote in the ballot which opens on Monday 12th March and closes on Wednesday 28th March.

Work Time listening and Learning Sessions (WTLL)

It has been agreed the processing WTLL sessions for week commencing 26th February will be used to allow the CWU to present the National Agreement to staff. Night shift will be on Monday at 22.30 and 23.30. Late shift will be 15.30 and 18.00 on both Wednesday and Thursday. Early shift and DSA staff will be Friday 09.30. The Weekend shift will be Saturday at 1400. PE Deliveries will be at 0700 and 0730 Friday.

Traffic Transformation

The business will be changing the way they record traffic coming into the mail centre. Currently we are using the mist system where traffic is recorded at WLA points throughout the building. They are changing to a PDA manual recording at the primary sort point only. However, both systems will run together for about a year whilst data is collated before changing to the PDA system.

There are 107 members of staff across all four shifts going to be trained on the manual recording with the PDA’s. Training is due to start in a couple of weeks’ time after it has been agreed at national level to go ahead now the trials have been completed in the four trial mail centres.

Processing Week Start Change

We have been in discussion with management about the advantages of changing the start day of the processing week. Therefore, from the start of the new financial year the processing function week with change from what it is currently a Sunday to Saturday to a Monday to Sunday

The reason for this is the processing function needs to fall in line with the PSP system which is Monday to Sunday, all the other functions within the MC and the other mail centres in the region are all on Monday to Sunday weeks.

Staff who hold processing scheduled attendances on a Sunday will be written to by the book room to explain how the change will affect them. SA length and start and finish times will not be affected only the week numbers.

Staff who have booked annual leave based on a Sunday to Saturday week will have their leave and SA’s honoured for the year.

Gravity Rollers

We have started a new trial on the gravity rollers. This is for the processing of standard packets. CWU Nationally are now aware of the trial. CWU Health and Safety Reps are aware and monitoring along with shift reps who are giving us members feedback. Royal Mail Industrial engineers will also be observing.  

Spalding CSS work

Two duties were advertised and have been allocated.

WhatsApp Broadcast Group

We have set up a CWU Eastern No5 members WhatsApp Broadcast Group where we can forward CWU Communications onto members.

A Broadcast Group is where members receive WhatsApp messages from my phone, you will not be able to see who is in the group, you will not be able to message each other either. No phone numbers are shared.

If you want to be in this group then you will need the WhatsApp App on your phone.

Save my number Ernie Orviss 07887985430 Then send me a message me with your name requesting to be put in the group. I will forward you some of the previous messages and put you in the group so you will receive all future messages.

EJ Orviss

Area Processing Representative

Date 23rd February 2018


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