Royal Mail Group Smoking Policy/Non-Smoking Guide For Employees

Royal Mail Group Smoking Policy/Non-Smoking Guide For Employees

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,


This guide was updated by Royal Mail Group in 2017 and outlines the expected behaviours and standards regarding smoking at work.

A copy is attached for your information and reference. This is a policy of the business and not an agreement with the Union.

• Smoking is not permitted in any Royal Mail Group building or vehicle.

• This guide explains the rules on smoking at work and applies to every Royal Mail Group workplace. It explains the concept of designated areas, where smoking is allowed. It also explains how breaches of the rules will be managed.

• This should be read in conjunction with the Group Health and Safety Policy and the Conduct Code.

Guiding principles

Royal Mail Group is committed to:

• Compliance with UK legal requirements

• Providing a healthy and safe work environment for all

• Reducing fire hazards and risks

Designated smoking areas

Designated areas, where smoking is allowed will be decided on by the appropriate manager following local consultation and assessment and input from appropriate experts. Designated areas must be outside buildings and other enclosed places and at least 4 metres from windows, doors, ventilation systems, air handling systems or any other openings.


• Employees and agency workers who do not comply with the standards will be subject to investigation under the Conduct Policy.

• Customers, visitors and contractors smoking on Royal Mail Group premises should be informed about and reminded of the company’s smoking rules and asked to comply. Those who still wish to smoke should be asked to use designated smoking areas or leave the premises.

• Managers must intervene if an employee, visitor, contractor or customer fails to comply.

Electronic cigarettes

Royal Mail Group does not allow the use of electronic cigarettes in any Royal Mail Group building or vehicle. Electronic cigarettes are a type of electronic nicotine delivery system that is used by individuals to help them give up smoking. Using electronic cigarettes is not classified as smoking as they do not burn or emit smoke into the atmosphere. However, most electronic cigarettes look like real cigarettes and produce a vapour that is designed to look like smoke; this is called `vape’. The process of using an electronic cigarette is known as vaping or e-smoking.

Sources of help

The ‘Getting Help’ box on the front page tells you where to find further information. Guidance is also available on the Policy and Information Site on PSP.

QUIT line

A charity that helps smokers to give up, and provides practical help, advice and support from trained counsellors. Helpline: 0800 00 22 00.


An NHS free service providing advice to smokers who want to stop smoking. It includes information about local support services, networks and groups. Helpline: 0800 0224332.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB091 Royal Mail Group Smoking Policy Non-Smoking Guide For Employees

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