Target 100 – Campaign for 100% Membership

Target 100 – Campaign for 100% Membership

Target 100 is a CWU campaign with the aspiration to reach 100% membership in the companies in which we organise, the campaign will be formally launched on Monday 8th January 2018 when an email will be sent to all the non-members in your branch area.

The CWU is calling on Branches to contact all of the non-members in the lists provided which will follow in a separate e-mail and T&FS Field Organisers will be contacting branch secretaries to discuss and develop branch plans to progress the roll out of Target 100. Please do not commence contact until the first email to non-members has been sent. Santander Branches have already received their lists of non-members and some non-members have been contacted and details of this reporting in processes will follow shortly.

As part of this T&FS Organisers will be arranging visits to your Branch in the early part of 2018.

We are building on the work carried out last year to contact non-members within our recognised companies. As part of this process we have gathered the non-member data and have allocated them to the appropriate branches along the same process as last year. The allocation of branches to non-members is based on workplaces and job functions, as best as we could determine. We will be sending each non-member an email to encourage them to join the CWU before sending the data and copies of the emails sent to non-members to branches to contact the non-members to encourage them to join.

We are sending this data to you followings this LTB for a final check before we send these emails to non-members. We want you to make sure that, firstly the branch allocation is correct, secondly if they are in fact a CWU grade, effort has been made to remove managers, including a check against the previous work by branches carried out last year and thirdly please check that we haven’t included someone whom you wish for us to not contact.

A link will be sent to the listed Branch Secretary’s email address, this link will take you to your Branch’s non-member list in an excel spreadsheet. The list will be hosted in the cloud on a Microsoft One Drive. If you don’t already have a Microsoft One Drive account you will need to create one. To create an account with Microsoft you will just need the email that the link was sent to and to make up a password, you will be given 5GB of storage for free.

As the spreadsheet will be hosted on the One Drive you will be able to grant access to the appropriate people in your branch to allow them to update the spreadsheet and work with each other collaboratively in contacting the non-members. Head office will also have access to your spreadsheet; this will avoid the need to email in updates, as head office will be able to take them from the sheet you are working on. The intention will be for head office to take a reading from your sheet once a month to keep a check on the progress you are making but in some cases we may need to take readings before this date.

If you have any issues sharing or accessing the spreadsheet please refer to this video or contact Head office will be adding Openreach new entrants on a monthly basis to this spreadsheet after they have completed their Yarnfield training, these will be indicated in column P and each branch will be updated when these non-members are added to their list.

Branches will need to update the blue headed columns when target 100 goes live in January. If there are any changes needed to the other columns then please email with the changes that you need and these will be actioned at head office.

As this data is being sent at the moment for a final cleanse before the non-members receive emails from head office, please only indicate those that you wish to be removed from the non-member list in the notes Column Z and we will remove these. Once the check of the data has been completed and the emails are sent to non-members, branches will be resent a link to their final non-member list which will again be hosted in the cloud. Branches can then begin to work on their non-member list to help us try to achieve 100% membership in our recognised companies.

The deadline for the first check on the data is the 13th of December. The emails to non-members will be sent in January 2018 and the link to the non-members list will be re-sent to Branch secretaries shortly after these emails are sent.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Kerr

Deputy General Secretary (T&FS)

LTB 655 Target 100 – Campaign for 100% Membership

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