CWU 4 Pillars of Security – Mediation Update

10th November 2017

Dear Colleagues

CWU 4 Pillars of Security – Mediation Update

Both parties have worked in a professional and determined manner this week clarifying the philosophical and financial gaps between our respective positions.

Accepting the natural hunger for more information, it would be inappropriate and out with the protocols of the mediation process to give more detail at this stage.

The 89.1% YES vote not only reflected the depth of members’ feelings but was a massive testament to the strength and solidary of this Union at every level. The vote also provided CWU negoatiators with a powerful mandate to take into further talks and the current process of mediation.

As we have said from the outset, the pressure is on Royal Mail Group to shift its position and meet our key objectives around Pay and the Four Pillars of Security.

The recent Union activity helps us to keep up the pressure on Royal Mail Group and demonstrated loud and clear that the anger and strength of feeling shown by the original ballot result was not a flash in the pan or some emotional spasm, it is real and will be the source of ongoing industrial instability and low morale unless Royal Mail Group snap out of their denial and address it by making the right Agreement with the CWU.

Further talks have been scheduled for all of next week.


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