NDC – Safety Footwear Trials To: All Branches with RMG Members

NDC – Safety Footwear Trials

To: All Branches with RMG Members

Dear Colleagues,

In response to various enquiries, it was agreed earlier this year to undertake a range of trials on new footwear makes, designs and styles in an effort to develop and re-design the range into a modern, fit for purpose range in order to encourage more staff to wear them, to meet individuals needs and preferences and to provide an improved, safe, ergonomically sound, durable and fit for purpose footwear range that staff are eager to wear.

Part of these trials involves 162 members at NDC (National Distribution Centre) Northampton who are taking part in the footwear trials of 9 types/designs of shoes and boots, including new trainer types and standard types of shoes and boots with those involved selecting from the new options and feeding back to the joint RMG/CWU committee.

The footwear types being trialed have been allocated to the members involved so RMG knows who receives what type, make and style and RMG has matched the trial product against what they have ordered in the past i.e. if they had previously had trainers RMG have allocated them a new trainers trial style.

The delivery has been phased in with some new styles taking longer to arrive as they are completely new.

Included in the NDC Trials is the option to trial the Parcelforce footwear, previously only supplied to PFW staff.

Footwear Types and Styles on trial:- Product

Feature VariantsRY06 Easyflex boot

Waterproof including Composite Toe CapEasyflex Trainer

Non Waterproof including Composite Toe CapTaormina shoe

In all black – Non Waterproof including Composite Toe CapYours sincerely

Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

17LTB604 NDC – Safety Footwear Trials

Copy of NDC Trial List

View Online


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