Royal Mail – Panther Easyflex Trainer Style Footwear Trials Update

Royal Mail – Panther Easyflex Trainer Style Footwear Trials Update

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

This is an update further to LTB561/17 and my letter to all ASRs regarding the “Panther Easyflex” Trainer trials.

The Health, Safety and Environment Department would like to thank all those many ASRs that forwarded comments on the above trial footwear and the ordering/re-ordering process problems. All comments and input has been summarised and passed to the Royal Mail Assets Team and will be discussed in due course.

As previously explained, the key issue is to work towards getting a better range of Royal Mail footwear and in doing so getting more members wearing officially provided, fit for purpose, good condition, safe and healthy footwear which hopefully will contribute to reducing the risks of foot and joint problems as well as common slip injuries. We have also ensured that ASRs are fully involved in these objective s.

In response to the two main issues raised about obtaining a good level of trial questionnaire feedback responses from members, this has been discussed with Royal Mail and I’m pleased to be able to advise Branches and ASRs that:

◦ The closing date has been extended for the trial questionnaire feedback responses and,

◦ Measures have now been put in place whereby the trial survey return forms can now be printed and posted rather than just done online which was proving unpopular with many individual members who requested the option of a paper survey feedback return.

Additionally, in my discussions with Royal Mail Assets and Royal Mail’s footwear suppliers ‘Dimensions’, it has been agreed that a new simple, quick reference, handbook/pamphlet guide to ordering/re-ordering/replacing footwear with the new footwear range is to be produced for Managers, Union Reps and members, in order to overcome the common complaints and problems constantly reported to the Union. Branches and Reps will be updated on this in due course.

Your help in urging members who are trialling the new footwear designs to complete the feed-back forms would be very much appreciated as it will help get footwear right.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

17LTB568 Royal Mail – Panther Easyflex Trainer Style Footwear Trials Update

Panther Easyflex Survey – Hardcopy

View Online


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