Royal Mail Group Environment Management – Waste Report July-August 2017

Royal Mail Group Environment Management – Waste Report July-August 2017

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

Please see attached the Royal Mail Environment Management Reports on Waste Management and Waste Data Trends. The reports provide a summary of the waste streams indicating that general waste to landfill has increased, and diverted general waste has decreased, for the third month in a row. Paper door-to-door and cardboard has seen a consistent downward trend since winter 2016-17. Apart from a spike in metal between March and May 2017, other waste streams are fluctuating within what RME tell us are expected limits. Efforts continue to reduce waste to landfill and increase diverted waste and recycling.

The scale of RM operations means the organisation will inevitably have a significant environmental impact. Royal Mail’s stated policy is that sustainable management of natural resources is a commercial imperative as well as an environmental one. Reducing Royal Mail Group’s environmental impact is a key part of their ongoing business transformation with environmental considerations a fundamental part of how Royal Mail does business, through influencing people’s behaviour, aiming for continuous improvements across sites and operations and identifying and addressing environmental issues resulting from the business’s activities.

The RMG environmental strategy focuses on the following four aims:

• Energy: reducing energy use in fleet and property to cut greenhouse gas emissions;

• Waste: minimising the amount of waste created and diverting more waste from landfill;

• Water: reducing demand for water and the amount of water that is lost or wasted on RMG premises; and

• Customers and suppliers: working with customers and suppliers to address Royal Mail’s environmental impacts.

Environment Management and Governance

The RMG Environment Governance Board (EGB) is made up of senior leaders from business areas with material environmental impacts. The EGB approves RM’s environment strategy, reviews plans and drives performance. This includes leading the integration of the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) management system. The RMG environment management system is aligned to the ISO14001 model for environmental management. Currently, 14 of the largest Royal Mail sites are individually accredited to ISO14001, as are all of the Parcelforce Worldwide sites and all GLS sites.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

17LTB555 Royal Mail Group Environment Management – Waste Report July-August 2017

Royal Mail Waste Report – August 2017

Royal Mail Waste Data Trends Jul-Aug 17

View Online


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