Eastern No 5 Branch   Processing Report October 2017 By Ernie Orviss

Eastern No 5 Branch

Processing Report October 2017

Annual Leave Agreement 2018/19

The 2018/19 annual leave agreement has been signed off and is on display on the Union Board. As in previous years your first two weeks choice is guaranteed. The pick is currently being processed by the book room. A notice from the book room has gone on display asking people who wish to purchase additional annual leave (up to 6 weeks) to apply via the forms available from them by the end of February 2018.

Christmas 2017

We are unable to proceed with the local Christmas agreement because the business have suggested this year they are not prepared to pay scheduled attendance pay rate for prescheduled overtime booked during the Christmas pressure weeks. This has been raised to national level for resolution and we are awaiting the response.

Christmas overtime preference forms went out to staff early this year with the proviso you would have the opportunity to amend your selection during October. The window is now open for staff to make amendments to their Christmas overtime selection. You do this by getting a new form from the book room and returning it by the 25th October. New starters can put their selection in by following the same procedure. Notices have been put on display by the book room advertising this.

Parcel Sort Machine

The installation of the parcel sort machine has been postponed. The reason is the machine on trial at Swindon MC has not performed as expected. We will be getting one eventually but not until they are performing as expected.

Spalding CSS work

We have now taken all the Spalding CSS work. We have agreed in principle to introduce two new night shift CSS duties and are awaiting Alasdair Redmond’s return from annual leave to finalise the proposal.

Processing Duty Structure

We have now completed the introduction of the temporary duties and Saturday only casual conversions. There are 20 x 2000 to 0400 temporary full-time night duties. 8 x 2200 to 0600 temporary full-time night duties 8 x 1800 to 2200 temporary part-time duties and 20 substantives 1400 to 2200 Saturday casual conversions.

We are currently advertising for staff to apply for temporary 24-hour part-time contracts which are Monday to Thursday 1800 to 2200 and Saturday 1400 to 2200. Part-time staff who wish to increase their contracts to 24 hours on temporary basis should apply for these.

National Industrial Action Ballot

I just want to say thank you to all the members who used their vote to return a historic huge YES vote in the ballot.

The union have announced a 48-hour strike from 11.00am Thursday 19th October through to 11.00am Saturday 21st October. There are notices up around the building explaining what is expected of members during the industrial action.

Royal Mail have served a high court injunction on the CWU in attempt to stop us taking industrial action. The hearing is scheduled for 10.00 am on Thursday 12th October. From what I understand the reason is Royal Mail are suggesting the CWU have not adhered to the legally binding agenda for growth agreement where it states there must be mediation before taking industrial action. This is quite ironic when you consider Royal Mail have not adhered to several parts of the said agreement since its introduction in particular the job security and pensions consultation parts of the agreement

We are patiently awaiting the outcome of the hearing and further updates will be reported as and when available.

Mail Centre Issues

Recently the early shift manager addressed all staff with a statement that was construed as a threat of losing our 2c work to another Mail Centre if the processing performance did not improve. We Immediately met with the Mail Centre Manager and Production Control Manager to emphasis the shift manager was wrong to make the statement. We explained it was wrong to address all the staff because the majority of staff give a good day’s work and are conscientious and proud to clear their workload. In making his statement the early shift manager tarred all members with the same brush which had the adverse effect on those who I mention above. If there are performance issues then they should be managed on an individual basis and not by returning to age old traditions where Royal Mail managers would flog willing horses by asking those who do work to work harder and not challenge those who don’t. This was agreed by both managers and I believe the message was passed on.

In this day and age of Royal Mail cost cutting, budgeting, under-resourcing and basing workload on pounds, shillings and pence there will always be the threat of further mail centre closures and the movement of work. However, for Royal Mail to propose any of this they will have to go through the industrial relations framework to obtain an agreement. This will prove difficult for them as the CWU will always defend keeping workload at this mail centre by all means possible. Whilst Royal Mail continue to cost-cut by under re-sourcing, refusal to increase contractual hours on a substantive basis and continue to budget hours against unagreed sortation rates, they will find it very difficult to justify any movement of workload from Peterborough Mail Centre.

WhatsApp Broadcast Group

We have set up a CWU Eastern No5 members WhatsApp Broadcast Group where we can forward CWU Communications onto members.

A Broadcast Group is where members receive WhatsApp messages from my phone, you will not be able to see who is in the group, you will not be able to message each other either. No phone numbers are shared.

If you want to be in this group then you will need the WhatsApp App on your phone.

Save my number Ernie Orviss 07887985430 Then send me a message me with your name requesting to be put in the group. I will forward you some of the previous messages and put you in the group so you will receive all future messages.

EJ Orviss

Area Processing Representative


Date 10th October 2017


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