Dear Colleague


At 6pm on Friday the 6th October, the Union received two separate letters from Royal Mail’s solicitors stating they would be seeking an interim injunction to stop the Industrial Action notified to the employer for strike action to take place next week.

The first letter was in regard to potential legal proceedings and external mediation, which forms part of the process set out in the Agenda for Growth Agreement. In their letter the company acknowledges that the Agenda for Growth Agreement does not stop our members being able to take strike action. However, they claim that the external mediation process has not been fully exhausted, prior to us calling for industrial action.

The second letter was in relation to the company alleging the Union failed to take reasonable steps to notify our members of the ballot result.

Both letters required the Union to respond by noon today and to withdraw the notice for next week’s strike action. In response, we can confirm the Union will not be withdrawing the notice for strike action and following legal advice we will defend our position in court, if necessary.

Since the company’s initial letters were sent on Friday 6th October, we have now received two subsequent communications. Firstly, to notify us that Royal Mail will now apply to the court for an interim injunction in relation to their claim on mediation. Secondly, the company has withdrawn the legal challenge regarding our alleged failure to notify our members of the ballot result. In light of these developments we do therefore expect to be in court later this week.

It is very important that our Branches and Representatives convey the contents of this LTB to our members as soon as possible. Further information will be provided in due course.

Dave Ward

Tony Kearns

Terry Pullinger


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