Royal Mail Group Head of Occupational Health and Wellbeing

Royal Mail Group Head of Occupational Health and Wellbeing

To: All Branches with Postal Members

Dear Colleagues,

LTB031/17 informed all CWU Area Health and Safety Reps, CWU Branches and Regional Health and Safety Forums that Judith Grant (Royal Mail Group Head of Occupational Health and Wellbeing) had resigned from her role and would be leaving Royal Mail Group at the end of April 2017 after three years with the organisation.

Rachel Boon, who has been with Royal Mail Group for five years, worked alongside Judith and has now been appointed to take over her responsibilities in the interim; a further announcement on Rachel’s role, title and responsibilities will follow in due course.

Meetings have taken place with Rachel and me where we have raised and discussed a number of health and wellbeing issues and cases. In addition we have discussed Royal Mail Group’s health and wellbeing strategy and programme going forward, including the development and roll out of the five year mental health strategy and accompanying programme. This programme and strategy will be launched by the Royal Mail Group Safety, Health, Environment and Wellbeing team, with the support of the CWU Health, Safety and Environment Department, in October 2017; this will take place during European Health and Safety Week, at the National joint Royal Mail Group/CWU Safety, Health and Environment event.

Rachel Boon is keen to work closely with the CWU Health, Safety and Environment Department and the CWU Area Health and Safety Representatives across the Royal Mail Group, continuing the good working relationship established by Judith Grant. Rachel is also keen to progress a number of initiatives, programmes and activities under the health and wellbeing programme banner.

We have discussed the newly introduced Stress Risk Assessment Policy (launched October 2016) and the next steps, including supporting a stronger policy on mental health by raising awareness, seeking parity for mental and physical health and re-emphasising the joint Royal Mail Group/CWU commitment to the ‘Time To Change’ pledge; in signing this both parties committed to work together to raise awareness, end stigma, support those in need and help in a crisis.

The TUC ‘Dying To Work’ charter pledges to support terminally ill workers in order to continue employment if they so wished. This pledge was jointly signed by Royal Mail Group, CWU, Unite and TUC at TUC headquarters last week – together we will be ensuring the ‘Dying To Work’ principles, now reflected in Royal Mail Group’s terminal illness guidance is communicated and upheld.

Rachel has asked me to thank all the CWU local and Area Health and Safety Representatives for their important contribution to the health, safety and wellbeing of the workforce in Royal Mail Group, as part of the safety, health and wellbeing community and has acknowledged the important role our Representatives play; a sentiment Dr Shaun Davis and I echo.

Rachel is keen to continue and develop a strong and collaborative working relationship in these important areas of joint interest and I look forward to our continuing work together in progressing this very important agenda.

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

17LTB507 Royal Mail Group Head of Occupational Health and Wellbeing



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