Please find below the timetable for the upcoming Branch Elections for term of office 2018 to 2020.

Display timetable 06/09/17

Nominations open (Set 1&2) 13/09/17

Nominations close (Set 1) 04/10/17

Nominations close (Set 2) 08/11/17

Ballot start (Set 1) 18/10/17

Ballots close (Set 1) 01/11/17

Result declared (Set 1) 03/11/17

Ballot opens (Set 2) 22/11/17

Ballot closes (Set 2) 06/12/17

Results declared (Set 2) 08/12/17

Nomination forms are available via your local Rep,Or the Branch Office. Tel 01733 382512 you can download the form from the Branch website completed forms should be returned to Amanda Hill, Branch Secretary, PO Box 438, Peterborough, PE4 5PE.

It is the responsibility of the current workplace rep to ensure this notice is clearly displayed.

Term of Office will run from AGM 2018 to AGM 2020

Any enquiries to

Amanda Hill, Branch Secretary.

Eastern 5 Branch


Nominations open 13/09/2017

Nominations close 09/10/2017 10 a.m.

Branch Chair Branch Secretary

Branch Treasurer Branch Equality Officer

Branch Political Officer Branch Deputy Secretary

Branch Editor Branch Returning Officer Branch Women’s Officer Branch BAME Officer

Branch Youth Officer Retired Members Chair

Retired Members Secretary

Assistant Secretary (Legal & Medical)

Area Processing Representative

Area Distribution Representative

Area Delivery Representative

Area Health & Safety Representative

Lead Union Learning Rep

Branch Equality Committee (6 members)

Branch Women’s Committee (6 members)

Term of office will run from AGM 2018 to AGM 2020

Eastern 5 Branch


Nominations open 13/09/2017

Nominations close 08/11/2017 10 a.m.

Unit and Shift Representatives

Health and Safety Representatives

Sectional Secretary (Letters)

Sectional Chair (Letters)

Mail Centre Secretary (APC Committee), Mail Centre Chair (APC Committee)

Substitute Unit and Shift Representatives

Substitute Area Processing Representative

Substitute Area Distribution Representative

Substitute Area Delivery Representative

Substitute Area Health & Safety Representative

Union Learning Reps

Term of Office will run from AGM 2018 to AGM 2018

Amanda Hill, Branch Secretary.


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