Work Place Coach Agreement  

Work Place Coach Agreement


Dear Colleagues,


Over the past couple of months the Outdoor Department has received numerous enquiries from Branches along with examples of where Royal Mail managers in some localities are attempting to give Workplace Coaches (WPC) extra tasks to perform; tasks that have not been agreed and are outside of those that are agreed and contained within the relevant National Agreement.


In receiving these examples from Branches we have contacted the senior relevant National management within Royal Mail and expressed our concern and dissatisfaction to them, also along with the evidence we have received from different parts of the country which has clearly demonstrated that local Royal Mail management have attempted to pass on un-agreed and in some cases managerial tasks for WPC’s to perform.


Royal Mail senior management in these instances has acted upon this information and has ensured that these un-agreed tasks have been removed. Unfortunately following this approach by ourselves at a National level, we have found ourselves once again having to contact Royal Mail, again presenting them with further evidence that un-agreed tasks were still being given to WPC’s, whilst also reiterating our concern and anger at this.


Accordingly therefore, we feel that it is necessary to issue our own advice along with recirculating the current National Workplace Coach agreement.  We would therefore request that Branches provide their local representatives with the National agreement and also ensure that any discussions that take place between themselves and the office Workplace Coach/s fully ensures that the tasks they are carrying out are those that are agreed and in line with the National agreement, and contained within the WPC training materials that have also been discussed and agreed nationally. However if this is not the case and the National agreement is not being adhered to, can Branches please ensure that these are progressed through the IR framework.


Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 230, email address:


Yours sincerely,



Mark Baulch                                    

CWU Assistant Secretary Outdoor

LTB 487.17 – Work Place Coach Agreement


National Agreement Workplace Coach Programme for Delivery and Collection 2014

Appendix 1 Workplace Coach Delivery and Collection Guide 


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