Ernie Orviss debunks Royal Mail propaganda

RMTV are broadcasting propaganda. They are saying vote No in the forthcoming ballot. They are saying there is no fight to pick. They are saying, without naming them, customers will stop using us if we go on strike. They are saying they are committed to negotiating an agreement. THEY ARE NOT TELLING YOU THE TRUTH!

The CWU’s Top Officer’s have spent months of intense talks with Royal Mail’s negotiating team (who have not been the same people throughout) to try to reach an agreement to jointly progress the company on.

Royal Mail’s CEO and top director’s have not been in the room. Instead they have sat in their Ivory Towers manipulating talks from the outside. This is not “being committed to reaching an agreement. The decision makers should be in the room. They are not telling you their pension proposal will mean they will not have to manage your pension for you when you retire but instead write you off the books by forcing you to pay a company to manage your pension in retirement.

They are not telling you they have paid almost 800 million pounds out to shareholders since privatisation, made 400 million pounds by selling London assets in the last couple of months, their pay offer was a £250 one of lump sum payment (equivalent to three pound sixty a week) for this year and the next two years pay rises only if productivity and efficiency is achieved. They are not telling you they want to re-evaluate your agreements and terms and conditions to make them “more affordable”

They are not telling you they want to introduce a two tier workforce where new starters will be on lesser pay and terms and conditions.

Instead they are saying there is no fight to pick.

I make no apologies when I say there is a fight to pick and they have picked it.

Now you have a choice to make.

Either you agree with Royal Mail and bow to their proposals and let them take away all that we and generations of union members before us have fought to acheive.

OR YOU CHOOSE YOUR CWU, BY USING YOUR VOTE TO VOTE YES IN THE FORTHCOMING BALLOT! It is important you use your vote because if you do not vote it will be classified a No vote.

Nobody wants to go on strike. Strikes will damage the company but it is time to stand up and be counted. We have seen how, since privatisation, Royal Mail have had a total disregard for the proud service we have given this country for over 500 years. The way they have cut, cut, cut, sold, sold, sold.

Everything is targeted at profit, productivity and efficiency to feed the pockets of shareholders.

I’m a share holder I hear you think but how much of the 800 million have you received? Exactly, we’re talking the major shareholders. We have seen how they are not resourcing properly, refusing to increase contractual hours despite thousands of hours of overtime being used every week, refusing to fill vacant duties, regular USO failures, bad investments in

technology, money wasted time after time.


Whereas the CWU are proud of Royal Mail, proud of the service we’ve provided this country for 500 hundred years, proud of the terms and conditions we have fought to acheive and continue to fight for. We want a single pension solution for all members. We are do not want a two tier workforce.

The CWU want to keep Royal Mail as the prestige company we are, we want to stop the company being being broken up and sold off to the highest bidder. We want to fight to keep our terms and conditions and to build on them and secure future generations of employment. We are doing what is right and you know that. You must support us, you must use your vote, you must Vote YES when your ballot paper arrives at the end of next week.

Royal Mail have made it clear they do not want us to strike. For Royal Mail to allow this to go this far means they are testing your resolve. Historically a high percentage YES VOTE will force Management back into negotiations to prevent industrial action going ahead.



Ernie Orviss

Eastern No5

Area Processing Rep.

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