“Dangerous Dogs” for Professionals Seminar – Last Event at Bath

“Dangerous Dogs” for Professionals Seminar – Last Event at Bath Saturday 28 October 2017 – Cooper & Co Solicitors (“Dog Law”)
To: All Branches 
Dear Colleagues,
This LTB is issued further to LTB 596/16 in which we announced the 2017 series of seminars organised by Cooper & Co Solicitors (“Dog Law”) with the UK’s top Dangerous Dogs Law Lawyer Trevor Cooper of Cooper & Co Solicitors.
Following on from the successful series of seminars across the UK earlier this year, Trevor Cooper has been invited to Bath on Saturday 28th October 2017 to run his Professional Seminar one last time in 2017. To remind you, this is a half day seminar which is good value for money at only £75 per person (the price includes course materials, beverages and VAT). This time we will start at 13.00 for registration and finish at 17.00. Attached is the leaflet below for course contents and details of how to book, alternatively please feel free to call Coopper & Co Solicitors on 01304 755 557 or email: tracy@doglaw.co.uk
These popular seminars for professionals are half day talks concentrating on ‘dangerous dog’ offences and the legislation dealing with such attacks and prosecutions. These half day seminars are attended by Police Officers, Dog Wardens, Lawyers and others involved in dealing with Dog Control and Dog Law. The seminars are highly recommended to CWU Representatives wanting to learn more about the Law in this area following the changes achieved by the CWU ‘Bite-Back’ Campaign of course. These Seminars cover subject matter including:-
• The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime & Policing Act 2014
• Section 3 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (which applies to any dog that is dangerously out of control), including the extension of the Act and defences.
• The operation of the new ‘Householder Case’ defence and when it may be applicable
• Increased prison sentences where a victim is injured or dies
• New offence if a dog attacks an assistance dog
• Addition of a ‘fit and proper person test’
• The ‘Robinson-Pierre’ ruling and consider its impact on cases.
• Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) (the law that deals with pit bull terrier type and other banned dogs)
• The Index of Exempted Dogs
• The ‘fit and proper person’ test
• The ‘Sandhu’ ruling and its impact on changing keepership of a registered dog
• The Dogs Act 1871 and does it have any future?
• The Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953 and how does it fit in with the new changes?
• Registration and coffee will be available with the seminar commencing at 1pm and due to finish around 5pm.
Programme timings are approximate. Content is subject to change.
Cost of attending these Seminars is £75.00 inclusive of VAT.
Dog Law offer their services to those interested in hosting their own daytime seminar. Trevor Cooper is in big demand but happy to consider requests to schedule seminars, subject to availability. Those interested can email tracy@doglaw.co.uk and they will send out information. Dog Law are also offering to take bookings for those wishing to host an evening or weekend seminar with Trevor Cooper. These evening or at a weekend seminars will last between 3 to 4 hours. For more information email info@doglaw.co.uk or contact them:- Cooper & Co Solicitors
The Old Boiler House
Menzies Road
CT16 2HQ
Telephone Number: 01304 755 557.
Attachment: ‘Dog Law’ – Bath Seminar Leaflet & Application Form
Yours sincerely
Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer
Email Attachments – Click to download

LTB 426/17 “Dangerous Dogs” for Professionals Seminar – Last Event at Bath Saturday 28 October 2017 – Cooper & Co Solicitors (“Dog Law”)

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