Since the announcement of the review – see LTB 293/2017 – the CWU had been in talks with BT about the future of the BT Pension Scheme (BTPS).
In the talks BT has set out what it believes is the case for making changes and has issued the attached documentation today which summarises the Company view.
BT is seeking agreement with the CWU over possible changes but it is important to emphasise that nothing has been agreed,and nothing has been ruled in or ruled out. This means that BT has not ruled out closing the Scheme for future service.
Clearly, this is a very serious situation and we have made it veryclear to BT how important pensions are to our members. The CWU view remains as follows.
The CWU opposes any move to close the BTPS for existing members. We will use all means up to and including industrial action to keep the Scheme open for current members.

BT needs to improve the BT Retirement Saving Scheme, which now includes just over 50% of the UK workforce.

We will issue further updates as soon as there is something further to report.
Yours sincerely,
Andy Kerr
Deputy General Secretary (T&FS)
Email Attachments – Click to download

Attachment 1 – Reviewing the BT Pension Scheme 20-07

Attachment 2: Strood Employee FAQ – C4C update – 20-07


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