Postwoman Sharron Singer received 19 separate injuries when she was pounced on by two large powerful Doberman dogs at an address in Wrangle, near Boston on Monday 3rd July.
The most serious of the injuries to her arm required four hours of complex reconstruction surgery and skin grafts to repair muscles, tendons, nerves and ligament damage. She is currently in the Boston Pilgrim Hospital.
Sharron does the delivery round in Wrangle which she shares with her husband David on different days of the week and ironically either one of them could have ended up as the victim.
There was no knowledge of the presence of these dogs, which apparently arrived at the house only a couple of days prior to the attack as Sharron entered the address to deliver mail to the occupants. The two big dogs which are of a powerful, athletic breed attacked very quickly and aggressively and came at Sharron from nowhere, unexpectedly without warning. This breed of dog is used by Police forces and the military in various countries in Europe. Sharron remains in hospital and will have to undergo extensive treatment and further operations to treat her various serious injuries. Royal Mail has suspended deliveries to the address and the Communication Workers Union is assisting Sharron and David and working with Royal Mail in relation to the shock to work colleagues at Boston Delivery Office.
The Communication Workers Union National Health, Safety and Environment Officer Dave Joyce, who spearheaded the Union’s successful ‘Bite Back’ Campaign which succeeded in achieving the introduction of tougher dog control laws, said “Sharron has been through what can only be described as a terrible, terrifying ordeal, which I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. A Police investigation is underway and those responsible for the irresponsibility and reckless ownership of these potentially dangerous animals should face the full force of the law in due course if, as expected, the Dangerous Dogs Act has been breached. Sharron’s life was in danger when this attack took place and we are just relieved that she survived. Her life however will never be quite the same. I only hope the physical and psychological damage sustained in this attack can be repaired, but it won’t be 100%. It never is in such cases.
This week is Royal Mail/Communication Workers Union National Dog Awareness Week because seven postal workers are attacked and injured by dogs every day in the UK. 2,500 a year and 15,000 in the last five years. It’s ironic that Sharron should suffer such an appalling attack during Dog Awareness Week. We have been appealing publicly for dog owners to be more responsible and to control and restrain their animals when postmen and women deliver their mail, packets and parcels, six days a week, 52 weeks a year and to 29 million addresses. The public enjoy a first class service from Royal Mail which is the best in the world and everybody looks forward these days to their mail order items being delivered by their local postman or post woman. Unfortunately however, some of them, but a minority, don’t give any thought to the safety of the ordinary postman or woman when they bring their mail to their door. Postal workers deserve, and are entitled, to be safe at work wherever they go and to go home at the end of the day as fit and as healthy as when they arrived in the morning – not as in too many cases, when they end up like Sharron, being taken to hospital in an ambulance with serious life changing injuries”.


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