Royal Mail Security Response To Recent Terrorist Events And Government ‘Critical’ Threat Level

Royal Mail Security Response To Recent Terrorist Events And Government ‘Critical’ Threat Level:To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

As recent events have demonstrated, with the atrocities in Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge, the terrorist threat to the UK is still very real, but the nature of that threat has changed, as has the resilience of the UK to respond in respect of these incidents.

The incidents and raised government threat level were discussed with Royal Mail Group Security who in turn have been working in consultation with the Police Anti-Terrorist Division and Government Agencies.

Royal Mail Business Advice following consultation with the Police and Government Authorities is that it remains business as usual for Royal Mail. The authorities have informed RMG that the threat level to the UK communications sector, including postal operations, is unchanged and remains low.

However, the message to all Royal Mail Group staff is that it is important for all of the workforce to remain vigilant. Follow Royal Mail Group Security procedures at all times. They are designed to keep staff as safe as possible. They include measures such as:

(a) Following access control processes

(b) Managing site visitors correctly

(c) Maintaining vehicle security

(d) Always wearing photo ID and challenging anyone without visible ID

(e) If any member sees anything untoward, they should contact the police immediately.

(f) Please stay alert, vigilant and stay safe.

Attached is the communication that was issued by RM Group Comms and was published on the intranet and on RMTV.

The Security team led calls with key stakeholders (including Ops, Comms, HR) in response to the terror attacks and to review the threat level rise to Critical. The threat to the UK Communications Postal Sector however remains LOW. As mentioned in the attached message, the assessment, based on all available advice is to maintain a business as usual approach with increased vigilance, compliance with existing Business Safety and Security Standards and awareness that members may experience extra security measures when undertaking their duties at transport hubs, key sites or areas where major events are taking place.

The Police are promoting and recommending further advice as follows:-

“Run Hide Tell’ video and leaflet, which provides guidance on how to respond to a firearms or weapons attack can be found at the National Police Chiefs Council NPCC Website at:-
The ‘CitizenAid’ charity which provides guidance and advice on how the public could save lives during an emergency incident by following some basic steps before the arrival of the Emergency Service. ‘CitizenAid’ is the initiative of four deeply experienced UK civilian and military clinicians working in collaboration with industry to improve public resilience. The Website is at:-

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

Email Attachments – Click to download

Attachment 1 – LTB327/17 Royal Mail Security Response To Recent Terrorist Events And Government ‘Critical’ Threat Level:

Attachment 2 – Managers Security Updates


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