It is now extremely important that we step up our work in anticipation of the need to put in place arrangements to implement the terms of Motion E5 carried at this year’s Postal Conference. The emergency motion set a timescale of August 2017 to conclude an agreement around the 4 Pillars campaign. The negotiations relating to this are ongoing and updates will continue to be communicated by Terry Pullinger DGSP.
We have already contacted Branches via LTB’s 285/17 and 289/17, as part of the way we review and prepare aspects of our membership records to ensure we are able to carry out that part of the Emergency Motion E5 that deals with the issue of industrial action.
The purpose of this LTB is that in the event those discussions are unable to conclude with an agreement we will have to plan for the prospect of an Industrial Action ballot. Branches will recall that in 2013 we placed additional resource (Martin Akerman) into the SDGS department to oversee and co-ordinate that activity. We can confirm that the arrangements will remain exactly the same for this project.
Accordingly and with immediate effect we require all branches to identify a dedicated individual who will be the contact point between the branch and the SDGS department to make certain our membership records are updated and remain correct.
We need to emphasise that this is an extremely important activity that will be essential to us implementing the 4 Pillars campaign and any resultant industrial action ballot.
From this point on there will be an extremely close working relationship between the DGS(P) and SDGS departments on this issue to ensure this union acts as one in moving forward at such an important time.
We now require that Branches identify the individual to act as the contact point and that the name and contact details of that person should be sent to by no later than Friday 30th June 2017.
A large amount of good work has taken place amongst our members to gain support for the 4 Pillars campaign and the actions required that are contained within this LTB are an equally important aspect of the campaign.
We look forward to receiving the information requested and would like to thank Branches in advance for their assistance on this important matter.  
Any enquiries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department on telephone number 020 8971 7237, or email address
Yours sincerely,
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 292/17 – Membership Records


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