CWU Four Pillars of Security Campaign

CWU Four Pillars of Security Campaign – Communication Material
In support of the union’s critical campaign to secure Four Pillars of Security, I am writing to Branches with details of our wider communication strategy and to highlight forthcoming campaign material for the widest possible circulation through Branches.
Campaign Video
A video of the DGS(P) has now been circulated setting out the union’s key messages around the Four Pillars of Security campaign. Branches and Representatives can access the video either through the CWU website or by clicking on the link below. Please note that you do not need to have a Facebook account to watch videos produced by the CWU. Simply click on the link below and the video will open in your computer browser:
Leaflets and Posters
Next week Branches will receive copies of an A5 leaflet (summarising the CWU’s key arguments) for distribution to all members in all units. In addition, Branches will be sent A3 posters for circulation and display in as many Royal Mail workplaces as possible.
Four Pillars of Security Merchandise
In line with LTB 279/17, Branches are reminded to purchase CWU Four Pillars of Security merchandise to help visually promote the campaign

.Campaign Bulletins
As well as the video, leaflets and posters, Branches, Divisional, Regional and Area Representatives will also receive via email regular, one page Bulletins which will focus on the key issues in the campaign, highlight the CWU’s main messages and update you about ongoing campaign activity. The first Bulletin (Bulletin No.1) will be sent out to Branches, Divisional, Regional and Area Representatives early next week. It is imperative that every Branch ensures that each Bulletin is forwarded to Unit/Local Representatives via email without delay.
WhatsApp Groups
As well as utilising all the traditional methods of campaign communication, the Department is working with the Communications Department to look at setting up WhatsApp groups for Postal Branches to provide a fast, direct channel for publicising and circulating all our Four Pillars of Security campaign material.
Unit Representative Briefings
Arrangements are currently being made to hold a number of regional briefings for CWU Representatives to put the case for the Four Pillars of Security and to win the strongest possible backing from Local Representatives and members. Details of the briefings (with dates, times and venues) will be confirmed in the near future and the information circulated to Branches in due course.
Communication is Key
It is clear the union faces serious challenges trying to secure the Four Pillars of Security and deliver our objectives around pensions, a shorter working week, extending our Agreements and redesigning Royal Mail to deliver future growth in the business. But how well we communicate our campaign messages will be absolutely key to determining the degree and strength of membership support. I therefore strongly urge all Postal Branches to ensure the widest possible circulation of all our campaign material (videos, leaflets, posters and Bulletins) to maximise engagement and support from our members going forward.
Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department in the first instance
Yours sincerely
Terry Pullinger
Deputy General Secretary (Postal)


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