Royal Mail Group – Person In Control (PiC) Health and Safety Role and Duties

Royal Mail Group – Person In Control (PiC) Health and Safety Role and Duties:
To: All Branches
Dear Colleagues,
As all CWU ASRs in Royal Mail Group will be aware, “Property & Facilities Week took place last week, with a number of tasks set to be completed by the end of the month but importantly it should be remembered that the activities set out in the activity week were about raising awareness and creating a focus on vitally important tasks that have to be undertaken and maintained throughout the year (not just for a week), as required under Health and Safety Legislation.
Going forward, it’s important that CWU Health and Safety Reps make use of the information now made available to them and to keep Person in Control (PiC) tasks constantly under review and regularly checked during their regular Health and Safety Inspections. The important information produced by RMG Property and Facilities Management is extremely helpful in that regard.
The purpose of this follow up LTB is to draw out the one page Person in Control (PiC) Guide (see copy attached) which Area Health and Safety Reps can inspect workplaces against for ongoing compliance.
PiCs and their deputies have the New PiC E-Learning Module and Asbestos Awareness Video Films available which they are instructed to undergo by the end of the month.
As the Person in Control (PiC) of a Royal Mail premises and site, the workforce depends on the PiC to help ensure that the property in which they work is kept safe and that emergencies are managed correctly.
The PiC has a huge responsibility for the safety, health and wellbeing of Royal Mail workers, contractors and visitors that use the office and site, including the general public who, for example, are visiting Royal Mail Enquiry/Caller’s Offices in ever increasing numbers.
Ensuring that the building and its external areas are safe is an essential part of this.
PiCs, who are new to the role of PiC need to build a routine that focuses on daily, weekly and monthly PiC tasks and learn to deal with emergencies correctly and efficiently as well as where to go if advice, support and assistance is required.
There are resources available from Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions (RMP&FS) to help PiCs including the ‘PiC Handbook’, ‘PiC e-learning modules’, the ‘SHE Task Calendar’, as well as the ‘Stay Calm’ manual which is the Royal Mail process guide for dealing with emergencies.
If PiCs need to speak to someone about property related issues or property safety concerns (including environmental issues such as fuel spills), then PiCs need to call the Property & Facilities Helpdesk on 0844 800 9191 and they will assist and afford appropriate help.
PiCs Responsibilities – in summary:
Stay Calm – managing and reporting emergency situations

Reporting Property Faults – via the Property & Facilities Helpdesk

Site Log Book – ensuring it is maintained, kept together and readily available

Fire Safety Management (daily housekeeping, appointing fire precaution officers (Marshals), annual fire risk reviews, weekly fire alarm tests, emergency lighting tests (minimum monthly), fire evacuation drills (minimum 12 monthly), personal emergency evacuation plans, premises fire evacuation plans) (all to be recorded in the Site Log Book)

Asbestos Management – knowing where asbestos is suspected (see the asbestos management plan in the Site Log Book or via the Compliance Records Database (CRD), reporting any suspected damage, ensuring Red Flag notices are adhered to).

Contractor Management – ensuring contractors sign in, read the health and safety information in the Site Log Book, have with them a job specific safe system of work (risk assessment and method statement) and Royal Mail’s Contractor Safety Guide, Challenge unsafe behaviours or conditions where necessary and report to the Property & Facilities Helpdesk.

Compliance Records Awareness – knowing where to find test certificates and maintenance records via the Compliance Records Database (CRD) – new user access can be obtained through

Legionella Control – regular flushing of little used outlets (to be recorded in the Site Log Book).

Annual Property Inspection – supporting the assessors and closing out your actions via the Compliance Records Database (CRD).

Handover – ensuring adequate handover when you leave or change roles.

PiC Training Modules (via Success Factors):
Person in Control of Premises (NEW e-learning module)

Asbestos Awareness (e-learning module and NEW video)

Asbestos Duty to Manage (e-learning module)

Asbestos Projects (NEW video)

Fire Risk Assessment Review (e-learning module)

NOTE: It has been agreed that ASRs can access and undergo all RM e-learning RMPFS Courses
PiCs were instructed to undertake three tasks during the Property & Facilities Week, primarily:-
Pic Roles & Responsibilities – All PiC’s to ensure they are fully aware of and understand their responsibilities and how to report property related faults or incidents to the Property & Facilities Helpdesk. 

Compliance Records Database (CRD) and Site Log Book (SLB) – All PiCs to ensure they have access to the Compliance Records Database, know where to find information on their site and are up to date with their Annual Property Inspection actions and ensure the upkeep of the Site Log Book (SLB), and be aware that the new version of the Site Log Book will be rolled out in the next 12-18 months.

PiC Training – All PiCs to complete the New PiC E-Learning module on Success Factors and also watch the New Asbestos Awareness Film available on the on-demand screens. 

In conclusion, would all CWU Area Health and Safety Reps, supported by all Workplace Health and Safety Reps make use of this information, ensuring the PiC tasks are correctly undertaken and maintained at all RMG Offices/Units and use this information as and aid-memoire when dealing with accommodation issues when they arise.
Yours sincerely
Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer
Email Attachments – Click to download
Attachment 1 – LTB241/17 Royal Mail Group – Person In Control (PiC) Health and Safety Role and Duties:

Attachment 2 – Royal Mail Property and Facilities Week_PiC_Roles Responsibilities_v2 …


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