May Day 2017 at the Marx Memorial Library 

1 May, doors open at 10am, and close at 3pm, with last tours starting at 2.40pm
37a Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 0DU
The MML will open its doors to free May Day short feature tours; visit the room where Lenin worked in exile 1902-3 and have a peek at our displays including NUM plates and the original International Brigade British Battalion banner.
This year on International Workers’ Day, the Marx Memorial Library is welcoming visitors to take a look at our special Russian Revolution slide show exhibition as well as experiencing the feature tour of the Library and a chance to pick up a bargain at one of our stalls. Take a break for refreshments before or after joining the traditional May Day march which starts at Clerkenwell Green, right on our doorstep!

May 1 also sees the launch of ticket sales for the Russian Revolution Centenary Committee international event marking 100 years since the October Revolution at TUC Congress House on 4 November. They will be sold a reduced price of £7 for one day only.
In Britain the Russian Revolution had a profound and immediate impact by strengthening the anti-war movement. Strikes broke out in munitions factories and anti-war campaigners were arrested en masse.
The British labour movement, including the TUC, backed the extraordinary Hands Off Russia campaign in 1919 to defend the revolution and threatened a general strike if further aid was sent to the White Russians.
For more information contact: The Archivist and Library Manager: telephone: 02072531485


Marx Memorial Library & Workers’ School

37a Clerkenwell Green

Marx Memorial Library



United Kingdom

020 7253 1485 Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 12-4pm 


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