Royal Mail Group Safety Health and Environment Team Re-Organisation Supporting RM Operational Move from Three to Four Regions – From 01.04.17 

Royal Mail Group Safety Health and Environment Team Re-Organisation Supporting RM Operational Move from Three to Four Regions – From 01.04.17 
To: All Branches 
Dear Colleagues,  

Dr Shaun Davis RMG Global Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability has announced the new RMG SHE Team structure and appointments to the various positions and roles within his re-structured team. 
The RMG, Group-wide structure, strongly favoured by the Union is retained and the centralised SHE function is strengthened, in order to support the Operational move from three to four Regions, effective from 1 April 2017. 
In his announcement yesterday evening, Shaun Davis said that the changes were driven by Royal Mail’s Regional re-organisation and the intention was to undertake organisational realignment and rebalance his team across the four Regions and to minimise operational impact. The total SHE Team review is headcount neutral at 80 people. 
Two issues raised by the CWU Health, Safety and Environment Department in respect of the previous structure was firstly the need to put in place direct links with the main Royal Mail Operational functions in the business, namely Delivery, Processing and Collections and secondly to reintroduce a senior role in the Central SHE team to deal with CWU Escalations and Disputes procedure under existing agreements. These issues have been fully addressed within the new structure. 
The Restructured SHE Team Summary:

The SHE Central Leadership Team under Shaun Davis will be Andy Pearson Head of SHE Field Operations, James Radley Head of SHE Standards and Programmes and Mike Shakeshaft Head of Occupational Health Operations. Sarah Foord becomes SHE Business Manager. 
Of the existing three Regional Heads of Safety, Brett Thomas is retiring, and Mike Shakeshaft and Steve Greaves move to Central SHE Team functions. 
The new Regional Heads of Safety are (North) Freddy Warnock, (West) Phil Hinchey, East Robert Kelly and (South) Jayne Callaghan-Jarvis. 
Head of Safety in Logistics is Matt Humphreys a new recruit to Royal Mail who replaces Lisa Durrant who has moved to another position outside SHE. 
Head of Safety for Commercial remains as Stuart Harrison who covers Parcelforce, RMSS and International. 
All Heads of Safety report to Andy Pearson Head of SHE Field Operations. 
See attached Power Point ppt file setting out the structure and appointments in the reorganised RMG SHE Team, in fine detail. The ‘SHE Business Partner’ positions are to be filled and one other senior Central position is to be confirmed.   

The key Royal Mail Regional Changes, Previously Announced Are:

South East, Guildford, London, Essex, part of Anglia and part of Home Counties North will form the new South region; 
Most of Anglia, Home Counties North and Great Western, together with all of East Midlands and part of South & West Yorkshire will form the new East Region; 
Cheshire & Merseyside, West Midlands, South Wales & Gloucester, South West, South Coast and part of Great Western will remain in the West Region; 
North West England, West of Scotland, Yorkshire, Tyneside, and East Scotland & NI will form the North Region; 
Where Delivery Directorates have been split, RODs will discuss the impact on an individual basis – however, there will continue to be 18 Delivery Directorates, so it is expected that the Operations infrastructure will simply realign. 
Yours sincerely
Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 151/17 Royal Mail Group Safety Health and Environment Team Re-Organisation Supporting RM Operational Move from Three to Four Regions – From 01.04.17

LTB 151/17 Powerpoint Presentation


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