Romec and Group Property Rebranding

Romec and Group Property Rebranding 

We attach a letter regarding a rebranding of Romec and Royal Mail Property which is being announced at 11 am today, 21st February.


The integration of Group Property and Romec has been proceeding since Romec was brought back under full Royal Mail ownership in April 2016. To reflect the combination of the Property and Facilities Management parts of Royal Mail the new trading name is Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions. Romec Limited will retain a separate legal identity as Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions Limited.


The union has been consistent in strongly arguing for a new identity which clearly reflects the place of Facilities Management within Royal Mail and we have welcomed the rebranding as a visible demonstration of this.


Several practical impacts of the change will be seen over the next few months:


• Romec building pass cards will be replaced by Royal Mail ones which will simplify access for mobile cleaners and engineers.

• Romec uniforms will be replaced with Royal Mail Property & Facilities solutions ones. Users are being consulted on changes to the uniform.

• The Romec logo on vehicles will be replaced with a Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions logo featuring the Royal Mail crown.

• The new name and logo will appear on stationery, printed material, internet and intranet sites from today. The email address for Romec users will change to and the Romec intranet site will be rebranded

• The help desk is being rebranded as Property and Facilities helpdesk.


Royal Mail and the unions have been agreed in our discussions that we want a true change of identity – both in the relationship between Royal Mail Property and Facilities Solutions and the rest of Royal Mail and in industrial and employee relations internally. CWU reps in Romec will be fully involved in dialogue with the employer to shape Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions as a successful part of Royal Mail Group.


All enquiries regarding the content of this LTB on Romec Engineers should be addressed to the PTCS Department, quoting reference 320. Email address:


All enquiries regarding the content of this LTB on Romec Cleaners should be addressed to the Outdoor Department, quoting reference 120. Email address:


Yours Sincerely,




Ray Ellis​​​​​​Mark Baulch

Assistant Secretary​​​​​A/Assistant Secretary


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