Parcelforce Worldwide – Safety Climate Survey of Selected Depots (LDs)  

Parcelforce Worldwide – Safety Climate Survey of Selected Depots (LDs)  
To: All Branches with Postal Members  
Dear Colleagues, 
RMG SHE Standard 17.03 is the Standard for Safety Climate Surveys. 
The CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department is supporting a Safety Climate Survey initiative in PFWW using the SHE Standard 17.03 Survey in a number of depots. Members will receive a joint covering letter and a short 18 Question form to complete and the process is now underway. 
The Safety Climate Survey is being carried out with the full involvement and consultation of CWU ASRs regarding depots in their respective constituency areas and the aim is to jointly support the maximum participation of our members. Our intention is to see the survey carried out across all Depots eventually to ensure that any potentially high-risk depots and those with poor safety management are not omitted and overlooked. 
Members Participation in this survey is voluntary, the questionnaire will be anonymous and any information given in the questionnaire will be handled in the strictest confidence. Managers will provide members with time needed to complete the Safety Climate Survey and once completed, the forms will be returned to the manager and forwarded to the Safety Health and Environment Team for collation, analysis and report back to the Unions, Safety Reps, Depots and Managers. There will be no detriment to any employee who participates or who does not wish to participate in the survey. Members needing help in completing the survey or would like further information or support can either contact their line manager or their CWU Area Safety Representative who’s details are listed in the covering/introductory joint PFWW/CWU/Unite.CMA Letter, as follows:- 
CWU ASR North – Paul Devlin T: 07793762458

CWU ASR Midlands – Matthew Burchnall T: 07742095598

CWU ASR South East – Nicola Wilmer T: 07876898793

CWU ASR South West David Manley T: 07767 405 596 
Measuring the Safety Climate in a Unit/Workplace provides feedback as to how the workforce feel about Safety where they work at a particular point in time and enables the identification of improvement opportunities. Repeating surveys at regular intervals can then subsequently provide feedback as to the impact of any actions and activity to improve workplace safety. Members are encouraged to participate and will enable Parcelforce Worldwide and the CWU to jointly understand the current Safety Climate and members views and input in order to help with future improvements in Safety in PFW. 
The aspiration is to get the completed surveys returned and collated before the April PFWW/CWU/Unite.CMA Joint National Operations Safety Committee. A further report will be made to Branches via LTBs. 
RMG Safety Health & Environment (SHE) Standard 17.3 ‘Safety Climate Surveys’

Survey Participating form

Draft Survey Form

Covering Letter to Members inviting participation in the Survey. 

Yours sincerely
Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer
Email Attachments – Click to download
•RMG Safety Health & Environment (SHE) Standard 17.3 ‘Safety Climate Surveys’

LTB 100/07 Parcelforce Worldwide – Safety Climate Survey of Selected Depots (LDs)

Survey Participating Information/Letter

Draft Survey Form

Draft Participating Depots


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