Royal Mail Group Safety Health & Environment Team/CWU and Unite CMA ASRs Regional Events – (Fix Focus & Grow FFG)

Royal Mail Group Safety Health & Environment Team/CWU and Unite CMA ASRs Regional Events – (Fix Focus & Grow FFG):
To: All Postal Branches & All Royal Mail Group Area Health & Safety Reps
Further to my 27th and 30th January and 1st February communications to all ASRs, this is to confirm the final details and Agendas for the above meetings to which ALL Royal Mail Group ASRs are invited.
Three Regional, Royal Mail Group (RMG) Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Team and CWU/Unite CMA Area Health and Safety Reps (ASRs) meetings will now take place in March 2017 as previously confirmed and the Agendas are now published and reproduced in Appendix 1. 
The Regional Events will be:-
7th March – West Region (Wolverhampton Mail Centre)
8th March – North Region (Tyneside Mail Centre)
9th March – East Region (Stevenage Delivery Office)
As previously agreed, regional FFG meetings will be organised quarterly and a national meeting of the whole SHE Team and all ASRs will take place during EU Health and Safety Week. Therefore, the next round of quarterly FFG meeting for each Region should take place around June/July time (TBC).
Royal Mail Reorganisation Announcement:
Please note that the recently announced Royal Mail re-organisation in which Royal Mail will move from three to four Regions will not affect these March 2017 meetings as the new structure doesn’t come into effect until 1 April. Any future similar meetings will be based on the new structure of North, East, West and South Regions. A Head of Safety Health and Environment will be appointed for the new South Region in due course.
National Event:
A National Event involving the RMG SHE Team and ALL CWU and Unite CMA ASRs will take place during EU Health and Safety Week in October with the final date and details to be published in due course. Provisional date is October 17th or 18th (TBC).
Shaun Davis, RMG Global Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability:
Shaun Davis, RMG Global Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability will be attending these three meetings to give ASRs a presentation on the RMG Business and SHE Update. I will also be in attendance at all three events.
Logistics and Commercial (PFWW/RMSS/International):
Dates/arrangements will also be made for FFG or equivalent events for Logistics and Commercial (PFWW/RMSS/International) before the end of the financial year. 
Royal Mail Group Property:
ASRs will know from LTBs, reports to Regional Health and Safety Forums and communications to ASRs that the Health, Safety and Environment Department has been in regular dialogue, discussions and consultation with the RMG Head of Property Risk Compliance Eloise Francis and her team with discussions being very productive in dealing with a number of major projects and initiatives as well as separate matters raised through the escalation process with the team. At our request the RMG Property Risk and Compliance Team agreed to undertake a series of Face to Face Regional Presentations and Q&A sessions with ASRs and in response, it was agreed with Eloise Francis and Shaun Davis that these initial sessions would be included in the Regional FFG Meetings. The RMG Property Risk Compliance Team is also prepared to arrange further sessions in future.
Please see at Appendix 1 the Agendas for the three Regional Events plus the RMG Property Risk Compliance Team Agenda which will be part of each event.
In terms of future arrangements, Shaun Davis has confirmed that he is fully committed to these FFG meetings and has agreed to continue the approach for the current year during 2017/18. 
ASRs Open Forum Session:
Further to discussions with ASRs and requests for a session to be included for ASRs to raise any issues of concern or questions for the Global/National SHE Director, Regional Heads of Safety and SHE Team in general, it has been agreed that these sessions will be included and I would urge ASRs to ensure that they utilise these sessions to the full.
Would ASRs make every effort to attend these events and participate fully.
Yours sincerely
Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer
Email Attachments – Click to download
Attachment 1 – LTB083/17 Royal Mail Group Safety Health & Environment Team/CWU and Unite CMA ASRs Regional Events

Attachment 2 – Appendix 1


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