Young Workers Action Week 2017 

Young Workers Action Week 2017 
Last year the Telecoms and Financial Services Executive secured some major recruitment and organising successes thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of our branches during our periods of focussed call centre action. In October alone we recruited an extra 600 new members during our action week and these improved levels of membership can only assist in strengthening the UNION and also leading to new activists coming forward.
With this success in mind and to maintain and build on this good branch work the T&FS constituency will be running a number of action weeks throughout 2017 and will be highlighting particular priorities not only in call centres but across the entire T&FS constituency.
The first week of action in 2017 will focus on youth recruitment and will run from:
20th – 24th March. Due to the focus on young workers we are asking all T&FS branches to participate, not just branches which cover call centres. 
It is imperative that the Union brings forward young workers as activists in the future as they are the Union’s life blood. All T&FS branches have young workers in them and all T&FS branches have the potential to recruit and organise more young workers. No one could disagree that the future of our union sits with recruitment of new members and furthermore with recruitment of young people in our workplaces.
Regional Organising Committees, Field Organisers and Headquarters staff will be available to assist branches with plans, literature and membership information.
Action weeks are for the benefit of the whole of the Union and as such we really should be in the position now where we have 100% branch engagement during these weeks, it is vital that we build on the momentum of our Action weeks and hopefully if we all pull together we can again see some major successes in 2017. 
Membership forms, literature and merchandise are obtainable from the T&FS Organising Department and if you want to discuss this more the Department can be contacted at: Ray Walsh: or Lesley-Anne Ure:
Yours sincerely
Andy Kerr  
Deputy General Secretary (T&FS)  
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 042/17 – Young Workers Action Week 2017


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