The purpose of this LTB is to announce that Trish Lavelle, CWU Head of Education and Training, will from 1st January 2017, be seconded to work in the General Secretary’s Department to directly assist in moving forward the Re-design Project.


This placement will initially be for a 12 month period and may be extended, subject to a review at that point. In accepting this role Trish will be working to the General Secretary and will be responsible for developing the following work strands.  


• To oversee the re-design approach on all CWU structures outside of CWU Headquarters. This will also involve liaising with the DGS (P), DGS (T&FS) and the industrial constituencies to ensure a consistent approach is taken across the union. Initially, this means developing and agreeing a comprehensive Terms of Reference (TOR) for this crucial element of re-design. The TOR will set out clear aims, objectives and timelines for this work. This project will be informed by a wide and meaningful consultation that will aim to build a robust, union wide consensus on structures that are fit for the future challenges we face.


• To oversee the on-going work and recommendations from an independent listening exercise that took place with our Headquarters employees earlier this year. This will involve working with our HR team, staff side unions and employees to develop and improve ways of working for CWU staff.

• To be a member of the main Project Management Board (currently in the process of being set up), responsible for moving forward and co-ordinating all the various elements that make up the overall Re-design Project.


For the period of the secondment I have agreed with Trish the following arrangements to ensure the Education and Training Department continues to deliver the full range of training and education services that we currently provide.

Lee Wakeman and Paul Dovey, who both presently work directly to Trish will jointly assume responsibility for the day to day running, planning and management of the department. Trish Lavelle will maintain oversight and continue to report to both the NEC and Conference on Education and Training issues.


During this period the union will also take the opportunity to review our education and training programmes and the facilities they operate from. This will be a separate stand-alone project within re-design, the details of which will follow early in the New Year.


Finally, I can confirm that Branches will receive a full update on re-design before Christmas. This will clearly set out the work that we have been doing at CWU Headquarters and the steps we will be taking in the New Year.


Yours sincerely



Dave Ward

General Secretary


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