Youth Conference 2016 – Motion 9 

Youth Conference 2016 – Motion 9 
As you know Youth Conference 2016 carried Motion 9 in the following terms: 
Conference recognises that many young people are turning to alcohol to mask anxiety or depression, or other mental health problems without realising it. In fact according to a survey run by IPOS MORI based on young people’s drinking attitudes it can be confirmed that 44% of 10-17 year olds have a drink to cheer themselves up. 
“According to Drinkaware statistics show that more than half (53%) of young people that have an alcoholic drink suffer from low mental health. This is compared to the 36% of young people that have a good level of mental health. 
Therefore, this conference instructs the National youth committee to make contact with Drinkaware and work with them on building a campaign that provides information and raises the awareness amongst our young members about mental health and its association with possible alcohol problems. This could be done through leaflets, social media, The Voice magazine, workshops etc for our young members.” 
This is to inform branches that contact has been made with Drinkaware and discussions are ongoing about meeting the terms of the motion. 
In the meantime please find attached an information leaflet that we ask branches to disseminate amongst their members and note that further bespoke material will be available early in the new year. Drinkaware also have a specific area on their website relating to the effects of alcohol on mental health wellbeing. 
The Youth Committee is aware of action already taken by the Health, safety and Environment department on the issue of alcoholic-related ill-health, including their support for Alcohol Concern’s “Dry January” campaign. Discussions will take place to ensure that the CWU’s activity on this subject is coordinated and effective. 
Any queries on this LtB should be directed to my office at CWU HQ. 
Yours Sincerely,
Simon Sapper

National Officer
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 704/16 – Youth Conference 2016 – Motion 9

Drinkaware A5-Alcohol-Effects Leaflet

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