Support the FBU. Firefighters 100 Lottery 

The General Secretary has received the attached letter from Matt Wrack, General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union and as requested we are 

bringing this to the attention of CWU Branches. 
You will see that the FBU General Secretary asks the CWU and its members to 

support the ‘Firefighters 100 Lottery’ which has recently been launched to 

help five key good causes. We are advised that at least 50p from every 

lottery ticket purchased will go towards these defined causes:- 

* Support the families of firefighters killed or seriously injured 

in the line of duty 
* Honour the bravery and sacrifice of those firefighters killed in 

the line of duty 
* Promote the lessons to be learnt from firefighter deaths and 

serious injuries 
* Support research into the physical and mental health and 

well-being of firefighters and the ‘all hazards’ nature of the modern fire 

and rescue service 
* Support humanitarian assistance, including internationally, for 

those affected by fire or disaster 
We hope that branches can give consideration to this initiative from the FBU 

and share this information with colleagues. 
Further information on this can be found at


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