Dear Colleagues
Please find attached, as Appendix A to this document, for the information of Branches the agreement in respect of Christmas and New Year arrangements for 2016/17, which was endorsed by the Postal Executive at its meeting on the 15th November 2016.
The subject of evening Parcel Deliveries has been an issue of contention during these discussions and has contributed to a delay in concluding an agreement. Extensive discussions between the Outdoor department and the business have however resulted in agreement that the wording in the attached agreement for 2016/17 mirrors that of last year in relation to Parcel Deliveries.
In relation to Enquiry Office opening hours on the 31st December the business has confirmed that normal local Saturday arrangements will apply and no office will remain open beyond 18.00.
With regard to attendance arrangements all safeguards achieved in previous years have been retained in this year’s agreement. These include:
Improved wording on maximising employee aspirations for time off by utilising the full range of resourcing options (Para 3.5)

Acceptance that where agreed resourcing arrangements result in attendance beyond conditioned hours, staff may either elect to receive a lieu day or the appropriate overtime rate for the additional hours (Para 3.6)

That any resultant overtime on either Bank Holiday will attract normal Bank Holiday rates (option A or B) (Para 3.7)

That night operations will commence as appropriate on the 27th December and 2nd January (3rd January in Scotland) allowing discussions on a later start time where that is locally desirable.

In addition to the attached Christmas Arrangements the business has also supplied a copy of their Planning Document, XPD 8.4 Working Time Limits, which provides clarity in relation to the arrangements for hours that may be worked during the Christmas pressure period. A copy of the guidelines is attached as Appendix B to this document for information purposes.
Please note that in recent years arrangements for Network Drivers have been concluded in a specific agreement and this has remained the case for the 2016/17 arrangements. Branches should note that a Letter to Branches will be issued by the relevant department to communicate the arrangements for Network Drivers.
Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be directed to the relevant department:

Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: or quoting reference number: 706A.07
Mark Baulch, Acting Assistant Secretary, email quoting reference number: 170  
Yours sincerely
Davie Robertson Mark Baulch
Assistant Secretary Assistant Secretary
Email Attachments – Click to download
Lyn 674/16 – Christmas & New Year Arrangements 2016

Attachment 1 – Appendix A

Attachment 2 – Apprendix B


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