Important Information – Amendments to Union Leave form

Important Information – Amendments to Union Leave form
Dear Colleagues,
LTB 409/16 provided detailed information regarding changes to the CWU Education & Training Residential and Regional programme, release to attend courses and advice on transitional arrangements.
The purpose of this LTB is to further advise that amendments have now been incorporated into the Royal Mail Union Leave form to correspond to the changes. Branch Secretaries are advised that the PSP system (Policy and Information/Working with the Unions/ Working with Unions Policy Site) is in the process of being updated and any old versions of the union leave form held on desk tops will need updating to the new version.
Essentially, the course descriptions and additional clarifications for pre and bridging release have been changed to more closely match training titles and those that will require initial observation are reproduced below:
Leave title
PSP Code
Arrange learning/training (code also for all reps attending pre/bridging day on ES1/2 & AS1/2)
Paid Leave
CWU Intro to H&S Pt 1. (was H&S I) H&S Reps
Paid Leave
CWU Intro to H&S Pt 2. (was H&S II) H&S Reps
Paid Leave
CWU Intermediate H&S Pt 1. (was H&S III) H&S Reps
Paid Leave
CWU Intermediate H&S Pt.1 (was Occupational Health) (5 Days)
Paid Leave
Essential Skills Pt.1 (was Union Skills 1)
Paid Leave
Essential Skills Pt.2 (was Union Skills 2)
Paid Leave
I would like to take this opportunity to thank branches and representatives for their patience and assistance in this matter and request that any queries be referred to the department via Lee Wakeman in the first instance (
Yours sincerely,
Head of Education & Training
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 666/16 – Important Information – Amendments to Union Leave form


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