Online course – CWU Mandatory Fair & Equal in the CWU

Online course – CWU Mandatory Fair & Equal in the CWU
Dear Colleagues,
Branches are invited to submit applications to the Education and Training Department for an online version of the mandatory CWU Fair & Equal in the CWU course which has to be undertaken by all CWU representatives.
This online course will start on the week commencing 6th March 2017 and students should be prepared to spend a minimum of 3 hours per week, for three consecutive weeks, undertaking activities on the course, which will be completed by Friday 24th March 2017.
Full online tutorial support will be provided and the course will be fully accredited in line with CWU policy.
This online course is aimed at representatives who fall into one of the following categories:
• Work in an unrecognised area and therefore have no access to release from the employer

• Live and work in a geographically remote area where the prospect of running a viable classroom based course is unlikely

• Have an access or educational need that would make online learning preferable

• Have caring responsibilities that make a classroom based course preferable
Prospective students should have ready access to an internet connection and a computer with web browser and a basic word processor or text editor such as Microsoft Word.
They should also be familiar with basic computing operations such as:
• Web browsing

• Using internet Forums

• Using search engines such as Google

• Sending and receiving emails

• Simple file management

• Creating and editing basic text documents
Where the union is recognised for collective bargaining by the employer this course should attract 9 hours paid release in line with what is provided for equivalent classroom based courses.
The closing date for applications is Friday 19th January 2017. Application forms should be addressed to: Trish Lavelle, Head of Education & Training, CWU Education & Training Centre, Alvescot Lodge, Alvescot, BAMPTON, Oxon OX18 2PY. Telephone: 01993 843373; Fax: 01993 840960; e-mail
Yours sincerely,


Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 657/16 – Online course – CWU Mandatory Fair & Equal in the CWU


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