Joint Review of WTLL (Work Time Listening & Learning) in Delivery Offices

Joint Review of WTLL (Work Time Listening & Learning) in Delivery Offices
Dear Colleagues,
As Part of the Integrated Delivery Programme, People, Engagement and Training strand, Royal Mail approached the department in order to jointly undertake a WTLL Review; this is in order to try and improve the communication between the company and our members and improve on the current overall levels of employee engagement in delivery units.
As such Royal Mail and the CWU have agreed to undertake a joint review of Work Time Listening & Learning (WTLL) in 120 delivery offices – 40 per region. (Listed at appendix 1 – chosen due to size and 2016 high and low Employee Survey results for question 5c.)
The review has been introduced to gather specific data about face-to-face communication and identify good practices and opportunities for improvement.
The review will be undertaken by an independent manager who isn’t linked to the unit, who will use a set of jointly agreed questions (which are also attached). They will ask the local manager(s) and CWU rep(s) about the WTLL process, before making observations in the unit during a WTLL session and speaking to frontline staff about the process.
The results and outputs gathered from this exercise will be collated and reviewed initially by the People, Engagement and Training strand, these will then be presented to the Integrated Delivery Programme (IDP) steering group to in order to discuss and determine next steps.
The review will start from Monday 7th November, until Friday 25th November 2016.
We believe that with the inclusion of the CWU in the future process, this could be a worthwhile exercise for the union as a whole and could also provide an opportunity that will allow the CWU to more meaningfully participate in the WTLL process in future.
In addition the agreed outputs will feed in to the overall joint review exercise being undertaken on Employee Communication and Engagement Processes as outlined in the national agenda for growth agreement.
Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 230.01 Email address:
Yours Sincerely,
Mark Baulch, CWU A/Assistant Secretary  
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 651/16 – Joint Review of WTLL (Work Time Listening & Learning) in Delivery Offices

Attachment 1: WTLL Review Questions

Attachment 2: Joint Communication RM CWU Review of WTLL in Delivery


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