Labour Research Department – Health and Safety Law 2016 – A Trade Union Guide

Labour Research Department – Health and Safety Law 2016 – A Trade Union Guide
To: All Branches
Dear Colleagues,
The 2016 edition of the Labour Research Department’s (LRD) annual guide, Health and Safety Law has been published and is now available for direct purchase from LRD.
Written with union negotiators and safety reps in mind and published shortly after the referendum vote to leave the EU, this LRD booklet has been updated to include the latest developments in health and safety over the past year and to ensure that union reps are completely in command of the latest facts, including the current and new regulations and changes in the law, HSE guidance and recent significant court cases and the implications of new legislation including the Deregulation Act 2015. LRD’s Health and Safety Law 2016 (208-pages) explains all aspects of the law in plain English – the basic legal frameworks, safety reps’ rights, details of regulations relating to the working environment, equipment used at work, physical hazards and accidents and injuries at work.
Changes covered by the new edition include:
• the new Regulations exempting thousands of self-employed workers from health and safety law which came into effect in October 2015;

• an update on how the Trade Union Act 2016 could affect safety reps; and

• details on the new Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations.
Written from a union perspective, Health and Safety Law 2016 is an essential tool for safety reps and other union activists and officials. It gives them up-to-date information to help ensure that workers are fully protected while at work and aims to be an indispensable guide for every safety rep.
Health and Safety Law is one of the most comprehensive guides to this vital area of legislation, and is one of LRD’s best-selling booklets. In 11 detailed chapters, it covers key issues of concern, including the structure of health and safety law, safety reps’ rights, the workplace and the working environment, physical hazards, hazardous substances, accident reporting and stress, bullying and violence.
Containing more information than ever, this 208-page booklet costs £23.95 for a single copy. Bulk discount rates are available with considerable savings outlined on the attached order form. This makes it much cheaper to order extra copies for safety reps and branch activists or for training courses.
For further information contact the Labour Research Department at:
78 Blackfriars Road




Tel: 0207 928 3649

LRD Health and Safety Law 2016 Order Form
Yours sincerely
Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer
Email Attachments – Click to download
Attachment 1 – LTB621/16 Labour Research Department – Health and Safety Law 2016 – A Trade Union Guide

Attachment 2 – Health and Safety Law 2016 Order Form

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