Unite/Royal Mail Pay Dispute

Unite/Royal Mail Pay Dispute 

Branches will be aware that Unite/CMA will be holding an official one-day strike starting at midday on Tuesday 31st May and ending at midday on Wednesday 1st June.


The letter issued by Unite to their members says they will be “holding a picket line in major sites with a strong Unite presence”. Clearly this is a situation we have not faced in recent times – the last occasion managers took strike action in Royal Mail was back in 1979. While recognising the history of previous disputes, the CWU fully supports Unite and its members in their efforts to secure a satisfactory settlement to this dispute.


In light of legal advice, the CWU are issuing the following guidance to Branches:


• Members should report to work as normal.

• Members should not undertake the work of managers – or be asked to undertake the work of those taking part in official industrial action.

• Members are reminded that management cannot require them to work outside of their contractual duties.


On the question relating to the Person in Charge (PIC), LTB 337/16 issued earlier today by Dave Joyce, sets out the approach Royal Mail will be taking based on current guidance.


In the meantime, Branches are asked to give this LTB and the advice it contains the widest possible circulation.


Any enquiries on this LTB should be addressed to Ray Ellis, DGS(P) Department, quoting reference 13000.


Yours sincerely



Dave Ward​​​​Ray Ellis

General Secretary​​​Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)


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