CWU & Royal Mail – Forward Agenda

CWU & Royal Mail – Forward Agenda
Please find attached for your information a joint communication agreed between the DGS(P) and Sue Whalley following the 2 day talks between Postal Officers and Royal Mail Managers in Bournemouth on 14th/15th April.
The original intention was to publish the joint communication soon after the talks but this was delayed as a result of the CWU’s Annual Conference and Terry’s unfortunate recent illness.
Colleagues will note that the Statement reaffirms Royal Mail’s commitment to our agreements, the key principles of Agenda for Growth and their consistent deployment. It also includes important commitments from the business to address the four key strands from the CWU Policy Forum in March (around implementing our current agreements, future change, pay and pensions) as well as “delivering the 6 day USO for years to come”. The discussion on this Forward Agenda will now be conducted through the Parallel Ops Executive.
While the Forward Agenda aims to provide added high-level commitment to continued joint working, the Union recognises that there are still significant challenges and problems that we need to address with the business. We therefore continue to talk to Royal Mail about finalising a new resourcing statement that will provide greater ‘buy in’ from Senior Operational Managers that ensure our resourcing agreements and principles are properly applied in the field and factor in the key resourcing issues and policies agreed by the Union at the Policy Forum and Annual Conference.
Yours Sincerely,
Ray Ellis Andy Furey
Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal) Assistant Secretary

Mark Baulch Davie Robertson
A/Assistant Secretary Assistant Secretary

Carl Maden
A/Assistant Secretary
Email Attachments – Click to download
· LTB 327/16 CWU & Royal Mail – Forward Agenda

· Attachment 2: Attachment to LTB 327-16 Royal Mail and CWU -Development of a Forward Agenda 230516


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