General Conference Motion 55 /2015 – Postal Agreements & Procedures Pilot Project

General Conference Motion 55 /2015 – Postal Agreements & Procedures Pilot Project
Branches will recall Motion 55 (General Conference 2015) which sought to pilot our Divisional Representatives’ facilitating an unaccredited version of the Postal Agreements & Procedures whilst in parallel complimenting any accredited core training. 
Divisions were identified, with the first pre-scheduled course in Cardiff (2nd – 9th November 2015) within the South West / South Wales Divisional course being postponed until the first quarter of 2016 due to diary issues.
Since then the following workshops have been successfully delivered in the North Wales / North West Division, facilitated by Divisional Reps and supported by a trained tutor either on site or remotely:
• North Wales & Marches Branch: 9 – 13 November 2015 (11 attendees)

• North Wales & Marches Branch: 16 – 20 November 2015 (9 attendees)

• North West No. 1 Branch: 25 – 29 January 2016 (4 attendees)

• Greater Manchester Amal Branch 22 – 26 February (9 attendees)
One area of concern that has been identified during the pilot process is identifying and dealing with any students who may have learning disabilities or differences and how they will be supported. I do not believe that this is insurmountable while my department provides a consistent approach in terms of admin and coordination.
Additionally, as articulated from a number of people within the target audience both from those expected to deliver and from Branches requiring the training, there exist pressures on diary time available to facilitate the five day workshop. With such a heavy workload, our Divisional Officers may not always be available for such an undertaking without careful planning and development but again, this issue is not insurmountable.
In October 2015, the DGS(P) in conjunction with my department convened a working group to consider results of a Postal Reps survey regarding training and development needs which will feed into this particular pilot project given that IR training was identified as an area of consideration.
It was recommended therefore that:
• Where feasible; planned and consistently coordinated accredited and unaccredited Postal Procedures & Agreements courses / workshops will continue to be scheduled as outlined above through my department on an as required basis.

The NEC has therefore agreed that the terms of Motion 55 have been met.
For any queries regarding this LTB, please contact Lee Wakeman in the first instance (
Yours sincerely,

Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 168/16 – General Conference Motion 55 /2015 – Postal Agreements & Procedures Pilot Project


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