Motion 18 – Postal Conference 2015. 

Motion 18 – Postal Conference 2015. 
Motion 18 (reproduced below) was carried at Postal Conference 2015.


This Conference agrees that the agreed Contact Strategy, as detailed in the 2012 Royal Mail Attendance Procedure is being routinely abused by managers in the localities and invariably these abuses are heavily influenced and supported by RM’s HR function; further agrees that in order to provide effective representation to members, protection of all elements of our national agreements is paramount.

This Conference therefore agrees that the Postal Executive will write to all Branches with Royal Mail members seeking evidence based reports on the differing abuses in their Branch areas.

Once these reports are collated, it will be the intention of the Postal Executive to secure a Joint Statement with Royal Mail which specifically states that the agreed terms must be adhered to, and that any locally derived initiatives will not be tolerated by either party.

Since conference, the department has regularly met with Royal Mail on the issue. The priority has been to ensure any abuses of the contact strategy ceased and we understood the function HR plays within the contact strategy.

We have been successful in getting all local variation of letters around contact strategy withdrawn.

We have also visited the HR service centre and spoken to senior managers and team leaders at the centre. During our visit we expressed our concerns and found out what information HR provide to managers.

It should be noted any decision taken by the manager, is the responsibility of the manager and therefore the manager should be able to justify the decision themselves. The statement “I have spoken to HR” (or similar) is not acceptable.

I would also like to bring LTB 795/15, dated 14th December 2015 to the attention of branches. Within the LTB it explains the new Attendance Management Team which has been set up.

If branches have evidence based cases where you believe the contact strategy is being abused, please provide them to the department by 15th January 2016. Any cases received will be discussed with Royal Mail the following week.

Any enquiries should be addressed to PTCS department, quoting reference PTC/CM/dj/415. Email address:  


Yours sincerely

Ray Ellis                                                          

Assistant Secretary

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