Trade Union Bill – Westminster Rally, 2nd November 

Trade Union Bill – Westminster Rally, 2nd November 

As you will be aware, the government’s‎ Trade Union Bill which constitutes a significant and wide ranging attack on trade unions, ‎is currently before Parliament. 


The purpose of this LTB is to ask all CWU Branches to ensure they are in attendance at the major TUC Rally and lobby against the Bill, which takes place on the 2nd November in Central Hall Westminster, commencing at 11.00 hrs.


The Bill sets out restrictions on industrial action, picketing, political campaigning and facility time, while prohibiting check-off in the public sector and allowing employers to use agency workers as strike-breakers. The combination of measures in the Bill will fundamentally change the way that we are able to stand up for our members’ interests and amounts to an attempt to ‎kill off the labour movement as a force in this country. Therefore, it is essential that we organise a big turnout on the day and we expect all CWU Branches to treat this as a priority commitment. We will be asking Regional Secretaries to confirm directly with Branches their attendance.


Targeted lobbying of Tory MPs will also take place following the rally and we have been liaising with CWU Regional Secretaries on the specific MPs we have been asked to lobby as part of the overall TUC campaign.


Further details of TUC and CWU campaign activities will follow next week, including a full briefing on all elements of the Bill. In advance of the rally we will also publicise a meeting point for CWU Branches. Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the 


Yours sincerely


Dave Ward

General Secretary


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