National Youth Education Event 2015 – A Reminder

National Youth Education Event 2015 – A Reminder 

This is a reminder that we have the National Youth Education Event taking place from 30 October to 1 November at Aston University in Birmingham.


The timetable is coming together really well and we are looking forward to a variety of debate and discussion on a number of different areas including: ways to improve the living standards of those in the private rental market, civil liberties especially in relation to the proposed Civil Bill of Rights, Blacklisting – the constant battle of belonging to trade unions without it hindering employment, football fans increasingly are finding it more and more outwith their financial capabilities to support their team; what can be done to encourage clubs to make it more affordable?


We are also organising a “big debate” session on the argument for and against staying in the EU – this should be a lively debate and will hopefully encourage the delegates to get involved.


Again, the industrial roundtables discussions will enable the delegates to speak directly to the DGS’ about what is happening relating to their workplaces and employers – always an event favourite.


Dave Ward will give his first keynote speech on CWUYouth as General Secretary on the Saturday lunch-time.


We will have a special appearance of Stephen Morrison-Burke who has kindly agreed to perform a set during the social event on the Saturday night.


Branches are asked to encourage young members to attend and we ask that applications are submitted asap to ensure places (a form is attached for ease of reference along with a copy of the draft timetable).


If branches need advice on this they should get in touch with my office by email to Jo Thair ( and we will try and assist in any way we can.


Yours sincerely,

Simon Sapper

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