Fighting the Threat of UKIP

Fighting the Threat of UKIP 

At the last General Election, UKIP polled almost 4 million votes. Fortunately, this transcended into just the solitary MP. The negative rhetoric of UKIP, which almost always scaremongers around immigration, does nothing to bring cohesion to the vibrant multi-cultural communities that thrive throughout the UK.


The RAC have been keen to highlight the dangers of the far right and it has been very committed and persistent in attending anti-racism and anti-fascism rallies across the country. It is clear that a number of CWU members have felt alienated by their MPs or certain political parties and subsequently voted for Nigel Farage and his far right scaremongering ideologies.  


Part of this initiative is to educate CWU members around the reality of what UKIP stands for. The flyer effectively draws attention to the numerous faux pas that representatives of UKIP have been responsible for. It is important that our members know what they are casting their vote in support of.


The CWU are affiliated to Unite Against Fascism and Stand Up to UKIP and we will continue to oppose their intolerant and bigoted policies.


The flyer is available to download from the Equal Ops section of the CWU website.


Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be referred to the Equal Opportunities Department.


Yours sincerely




Linda Roy​

National Equality Officer​



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