Election of National Representative Positions -Postal Standing Orders Committee 2014-2016 (Vacancy)

Election of National Representative Positions -Postal Standing Orders Committee 2014-2016 (Vacancy)


Branches will be aware that the election for the Postal Standing Orders Committee was held in May/June 2014. The term of office for the Postal SOC is for 2 years and therefore we are scheduled to conduct the next series of elections in May/June 2016.


Additionally branches will also be aware that following Annual Conference 2015 Neil Robinson decided to resign his position on the Postal SOC and subsequently there is now a vacancy.


The NEC have considered this matter and due to the fact that there is in reality only 9 months left on the current term of office have decided to invite the first unsuccessful candidate from the 2014 election (Richard Wilkins) to take up office for the remainder of the current term i.e. until the 2016 elections.


For ease of reference the ballot result for the 2014 Postal SOC election was as follows:


Postal SOC (7 Members)


Colin Cairns​21,245

Phil Callaghan​58,098​(Elected)​

John Gaby​57,882​(Elected)

Scott Haslam​21,664

Brian Irvine​67,760​(Elected)

Eric Jones​20,086

Ian MacDonald​24,046

Paddy Magill​93,131​(Elected)

Neil Robinson​74,231​(Elected)

Alan Smith​13,121

Tony Sneddon​76,812​(Elected)

Julia West​80,786​(Elected)

Richard Wilkins​43,247​





Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary’s Department for the attention of Peter Metcalfe.


Email: pmetcalfe@cwu.org

Telephone: 020 8971 7368


Yours sincerely




Tony Kearns

Senior Deputy General Secretary

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