Revised Revision Process – Health & Safety Checklist

Revised Revision Process – Health & Safety Checklist 

Branches and Representatives will be aware that we have been in dialogue with Royal Mail for some time regarding the inclusion of H&S Representatives in the 6 phase revision process. LTB 142/15 was issued in March informing Branches that ASRs were now included in the 6 phase sign off process at stages 1, 3, 4 and 6 of the process and that this was agreed with Royal Mail.
Since then we have received a number of queries from H&S reps asking what it is that they are supposed to be signing off. As a consequence the Walk Design Group was asked to identify some H&S requirements in the form of a checklist which is attached to this document. The checklist of issues to be dealt with are not definitive as they may vary from office to office but it does provide a generic list of ‘core’ issues that should be checked off before deployment at phase 4. Also attached is the Joint Revision checklist identifying where the involvement of the ASR takes place in the revision process, and the Delivery Revision Revised 6 Phase sign off document.
It should be noted that the SAC3 (attached) as previously agreed by Dave Joyce still holds the field.
However it remains imperative that CWU Representatives responsible for IR issues and those responsible for H&S issues retain a collaborative approach to the deployment of ongoing delivery revision activity to ensure we are deploying revisions that are sound, reliable, workable and safe for our members regardless of the associated checklists.
Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 230.05 / 600

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