Election of National Representative Positions – 2015

 Election of National Representative Positions – 2015



• Retired Members Advisory Committee

• CWU Youth Committee


Further to LTB 333/15 dated 14th May, at the close of Nominations the following were received:




2 Retired members living in Wales


Joan Moxon​North Wales & The Marches

Dennis Rose​North Wales & The Marches​* ELECTED



2 Retired members living in Northern Ireland


John Martin​Northern Ireland West

Michael McAlinden​Northern Ireland West​*ELECTED



2 Retired members living in Scotland


Cathy Leech​Scotland No 1

James Stewart​Glasgow & District Amal​*ELECTED



6 Retired members living in England


Dorothy Burnett​Newcastle Amal​*BALLOT REQUIRED

Ernie Coggins​Midland No 1

Rodney Downing​South East No 5

Brian Lee​East London Postal, London West End Amal, London

​NW C&C, West London

Allan Trotter​Merseyside Amal

Ken Ward​Plymouth & East Cornwall

Graham Wilson​Manchester Clerical









Eastern Region


Jordan Craig​​Eastern No 3​​*ELECTED


Midland Region


No Nominations Received


North East Region


Ben Abrams​Leeds No 1 Amal, Plymouth & East Cornwall, *ELECTED


North West Region


Alan Bebbington​Cheshire No 1​​*ELECTED


Northern Ireland Region


Colm McAuley​Northern Ireland Combined, Plymouth

& East Cornwall​​ ​*ELECTED

Scotland Region


No Nominations Received


South East Region


Rebecca Hufton​Kent Invicta, Plymouth & East Cornwall​*ELECTED


South West Region


Gary Daw​Plymouth & East Cornwall, South West Middlesex Amal,

​Eastern No 6

Nebo Mutemwakwenda ​Bristol District Amal​



Wales Region


No Nominations Received


London Region


Jay Bhundia​​South West Middlesex Amal, Plymouth & East Cornwall

Charlotte Regan​Greater London Combined​



The ballot timetable is as follows:


Despatch ballot papers ​ 5 June 2015

Ballot closes 19 June 2015 (14.00)


Any enquiries regarding this Letter to Branches should be addressed to the Senior Deputy General Secretary Department on telephone number 020 8971 7237 or email address sdgs@cwu.org.

Yours sincerely

 Tony Kearns​

Senior Deputy General Secretary

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